Cristina Kirchner, the attacker’s girlfriend is talking

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Brenda Uliarte’s cell phone reveals that the organization claimed responsibility for the failed September 1 attack against Cristina Kirchner, the vice president of Argentina.

Photograph of Sabag Montiel’s cell phone posing with a weapon –

Brenda Uliarte is the girlfriend of Fernando Sabag Montiel, the 35-year-old man who shot twice in the head of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner on 1 September. That night was in front of the home of the vice president of Argentina. She ran away after hearing her trigger snap twice and seeing her partner run through the crowd before be caught.

Brenda Uliarte is the girlfriend of Fernando Sabag Montiel, the 35-year-old man who shot twice in the head of Cristina Kirchner

The attack had failed. Uliarte, 23, took refuge in the house of a former partner. Days later, she was imprisoned, accused of being an accomplice in an assassination attempt. Never messages he exchanged before and after the attack they place her more and more as organizer. “I sent a boy to kill Cristi,” she tells Agustina Díaz, a friend that Uliarte had programmed as “the love of my life”.

Diaz was arrested on Monday, accused of knowing all the details of the attack. The message arrived on Díaz’s phone after August 27, after Sabag Montiel and Uliarte they had stopped a first assassination attempt. The exchange was published in full by the Argentine newspaper La Nación. “I have ordered the killing of Deputy Cristina. An anger I swear, I had it there. I sent a guy to kill Cristi “, Uliarte tells Díaz, who assumes the attacker was a hired hitman. “Good idea anyway. How much did he charge you? ” asks the friend.

“Anything. He did it because he is also overheated by what is happening “, Uliarte answers. Díaz celebrates the plan, but warns her friend of the danger. “You realize of the quilombo [pasticcio] where you are going to hunt, right?” He says. “They will look for you everywhere if they find that you are complicit in the attempted death of the vice president.” “That’s why I sent someone else”, Uliarte replies.

On Thursday evening, September 1, Sabag Montiel finally found the time to shoot the vice president. About 300 people crowded in front of Kirchner’s apartment in the Recoleta neighborhood. They thus performed a rite that began on August 22, a few hours after a prosecutor he had asked for 12 years of imprisonment against the former president for alleged corruption.

Kirchnerism took to the streets in defense of the movement’s leader and Recoleta has become a pilgrimage center. The decision of the government of the city of Buenos Aires, in the hands of the opposition, to fence off the corner where Kirchner lives has ended in clashes with the police. The night of the attack, the crowd had returned. When the vice president was about to say goodbye to his folks followers, a hand emerged from behind the crowd, pointed to his head and fired twice without the bullet escaping.

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Sabag Montiel tried to escape but was captured by the public

Sabag Montiel tried to escape but was captured by the public. Uliarte was in front of Kirchner’s house that night and fled. The exchange of messages with Díaz has resumed. “You know how much twine [soldi] do you need for that? It is not an order to kill and I am moving out of the country ”, Díaz warns Uliarte about the difficulties of escaping after the failed attack. The woman then wonders what could have gone wrong. “But what happens, why did the shot fail?

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner –

Advises her friend to get rid of her cell phone and delete all his social media accounts to cover the tracks. All information on Sabag’s mobile phone Montiel were lost due to the inexperience of the Federal Policewhich in an attempt to unlock it has deleted all its contents.

The court then transferred responsibility for the appraisal to the Airport Security Police. What turned out to be a gold mine was Uliarte’s cell phone. They have them found, in addition to hundreds of WhatsApp messagesphotos of the couple posing with the weapon used in the attack and messages encouraging an attack.

“We must generate facts, not protests” or “we must not continue to complain, we must act. Let’s put a Molotov cocktail in the Casa Rosada ”, are some of them of the texts exchanged by the couple. For Justice, investigators are facing a “planned attack” to “kill Cristina Kirchner” with a “prior agreement between the two”. The big mystery is whether all these people acted on their own initiative or motivated by a third party who wished to generate a serious political crisis in Argentina.

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