The left, look at home, the flirtation with Moscow and Beijing is branded Pd: the “little help” from Prodi to Letta

The left, look at home, the flirtation with Moscow and Beijing is branded Pd: the “little help” from Prodi to Letta
The left, look at home, the flirtation with Moscow and Beijing is branded Pd: the “little help” from Prodi to Letta
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Other than rubles rained from Moscow to the Italian right. It is the left that should look at home. There is an embarrassing red thread that links the Italian governments (from Prodi onwards) to Moscow and Beijing. With political-economic operations that have the flavor of subjection. And that have seriously jeopardized Italian energy independence and not only that. It claims it on the Truth Daniele Capezzone in an operation-truth on Chinese and Russian influences in Italy.

Rubli, Capezzone: the left, look at the house

“Let’s leave aside everything that happened before 1989, with the PCI (political progenitor of the PDS-DS-PD) which was systematically funded by Moscow. And this already should make those who, now, hurry to wear Atlanticist clothes, without having any credibility, neither political nor moral, blush ”. Capezzone takes into consideration the decades after the fall of the Wall, in particular the last 10-15 years. Starting from the ‘deeds’ of Enrico Letta who today gives lessons to his opponents who would have betrayed the West.

Letta and the favors in Moscow in 2013

It was the dem secretary who in 2013 spurred Italian purchases of Russian gas. It is again he who in the same year signed 28 agreements with Putin in Trieste. And still he – Capezzone recalls – the only Western leader who went to pay homage to Putin at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. If Letta did not shine for the defense of national interests, it is no better with his successors of proven progressive faith.

Energy dependence on Russia from 2013 onwards

The numbers speak for themselves. “The surge in purchases from Moscow began in 2013”, Capezzone meticulously reports. “When Letta was in power: about 28 billion cubic meters of gas (out of almost 62 billion in total). A percentage higher than 45%. The levels are confirmed to be very high in 2014 and 2015, reaching the top (33 billion out of over 69) in 2017, when Paolo Gentiloni sat in Palazzo Chigi. In the middle, Matteo Renzi also made his contribution of friendship towards Moscow. With a lot of speech from head of government, in 2016, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum “. It is from there that a failed policy of energy dependence on Moscow is inaugurated.

Prodi, D’Alema and Gentiloni friends of China

On the Chinese front, however, it was Romano Prodi and Massimo D’Alema who weaved the diplomatic network with Communist China. With the help of the mild Gentiloni, now European Commissioner. “We want to remember – writes the former radical journalist – who was the Italian premier who (the only one in the G7) took part in the first Belt and road forum in 2017? It was Paolo Gentiloni ”. It’s still. “We want to remember who was the President of the Republic who received the Chinese tyrant Xi Jinping at the Quirinale as an emperor, complete with an escort of honor of cuirassiers on horseback? It was Sergio Mattarella ”.

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The feeling with dictatorships and autocracies

All absolutely legitimate, God forbid, adds Capezzone. Only a “small gallery of memories” to bring back the memory of those who today make the moral of Salvini or Conte on the geopolitical compass of these years. “Serious people – he concludes – will have to undertake not to feed a climate of confused blaming of the politically unwelcome target. But to do everything possible not to allow dictatorships and autocracies to take advantage of any weakness, neither on one side nor on the other ”.

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