Bramucci on the phone when he meets the killers ready to kill

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Murder of Soriano nel Cimino – Before the judge the arrested – The family: “No relationship with the killers”

Tonino Bacci

Soriano nel Cimino – They are called Lucio La Pietra and Tonino Bacci the two 48-year-old Romans arrested yesterday on charges of murder aggravated by premeditation in competition and receiving stolen goods for the death of Salvatore Bramucci, the 58-year-old convict killed by five gunshots around 8.20 am morning of Sunday 7 August in Soriano nel Cimino.

They were in a white Smart and a gray Giulietta stolen in June from the owner who had left it open with the keys on the dashboard. They came to Soriano from Rome passing through Fabrica di Roma.

Soriano nel Cimino - Murder Salvatore Bramucci

Murder Salvatore Bramucci – The Smart and the Juliet of the armed commando

Body discovered by three cyclists, two sisters and a friend

Meanwhile, new details emerge on the discovery of the victim’s body riddled with shots inside his gray Chevrolet Captiva car that allegedly had the engine off. To give the alarm, around 8.30 in the morning, would have been a cyclist, who went out early for an excursion with her sister, a friend and other two-wheel enthusiasts.

The group would then separate and the three would pass through the Acquafredda di Soriano nel Cimino area, at the Basso della Campana intersection with via Orti and Contrada Madonna di Loreto, sighting the car with the body lying forward of Bramucci sitting in the seat. driving. At first they would have thought of an illness, but it would be enough to approach the window to find that he was lifeless and riddled with gunshots.

The gunshots would have been heard by a policeman near the victim’s house and by his wife, who, however, would have thought of someone who, being in the open countryside, had shot at wild boars.

Soriano nel Cimino - Murder Salvatore Bramucci

Gunshot ambush against Bramucci’s car

The red agenda and the Canary Islands

The motive could be attributable to a large sum of money that the victim would have noted in a red diary and wanted to collect from the creditors to whom he had made loans, confiding to close people that he would want to leave once the sentence is served. Maybe in the Canary Islands, Tenerife to be precise.

A sixth DNA is being examined by investigators


Three other people are being investigated on the loose, while the investigators would be in possession of the DNA of a fifth subject, unknown, which for now it would not have been possible to identify through databases.

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The family: “No relationship between the killers and the victim”

“There are no reports between Bramucci and the two arrested, except for a superficial acquaintance of one of the two. We believe that they are the hit men, but that the principals or at least their intermediaries are to be found among the people under investigation on the loose, in our opinion closer to the victim than the two for whom the precautionary custody measure was ordered “, comments. Giuliano Migliorati, a historic defender of the 58-year-old, who assists the family.

Bramucci to the killers: “Annamo daje, oh”

Bramucci, at the time of the deadly ambush, at 8.20, according to the technical checks on his cell phone, seems to have been calling his wife on the phone, when he would have found himself in front of the killers’ car, commenting aloud “annamo daje, oh ”, Presumably at the same instant that he was shot.

The crime was committed a short distance from the victim’s home in a countryside area of ​​the municipality of Soriano nel Cimino, precisely Contrada Madonna di Loreto, located between the provincial road 60 (Sanguetta) and the provincial road 61 (Molinella) , connected to each other only by the local road called Basso della Campana.

The arrested in front of the judge

In the next few hours, the alleged hit men Bacci and La Pietra will be subjected to under investigation in the prison of Mammagialla, where they have been held since Tuesday 13 September. Interrogation to be held in front of the investigating judge Rita Cialoni, the judge of the court of Viterbo who signed the precautionary custody order requested last September 5 by the public prosecutor Massimiliano Siddi. The suspects will be able to respond, make spontaneous statements or use the right not to answer.

Silvana Cortignani

Presumption of innocence
A suspect is simply a person against whom preliminary investigations are carried out in a criminal case.

In the Italian penal system the presumption of innocence is in force until the final sentence. Presumption of innocence based on article 27 of the Italian constitution according to which a person “is not considered guilty until the final sentence”.

September 14, 2022

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