Luke and Valduin seem invincible. Urugen and RamFeder pass the turn with them

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Welcome to the first guide of this season. The deck we’re going to cover today is Kindred Nasus who has earned a steady place in the meta. According to many, the deck could work exactly like Nasus Thresh, but it doesn’t. This version focuses much more on the board control given by Kindred and the various removals on the list.

Below you will find all the advice on what, in my opinion, is a great deck. Its only problem is that it suffers from major decks present in meta such as Miss Fortune Twisted Fate and Ezreal Kennen, which is why you have to know how to use it correctly.

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Guide to Kindred Nasus

To see our list of Kindred Nasus click here.

The main goal of the deck is to gain control of the board. The ideal then is to put pressure through our allies and then close using Atrocity on leveled Nasus. In all of this Kindred is very useful for gaining board control, as it will easily kill one enemy per turn.

On Kindred it must also be said that, once leveled, it will be able to apply the new brand again to a new unit. It can therefore mark 2 units in the same turn, making it great for removing opposing pieces.

As for the followers, the undying is a central piece. First of all, it is a perfect target for cards like Crolla, Beyond the Veil, Spike of hate or, more simply, for the Hungry Butcher or the Spiritual Leech. It will also help activate Kindred’s effect and become a dangerous threat in later turns.

The Wings and The Wave and the Vanishing Icon are also 2 fundamental allies. The first can be used in two ways (or as a double block to sacrifice, or to kill an ally), the second, in addition to giving us a good blocker, also gives us a piece to sacrifice. They are also perfect in the early rounds for getting blockers against more aggressive decks.

Halberd Darkin and Salassatori Sarkin are two very useful pieces of equipment. The first activates both Nasus and Kindred, the second is perfect to put on a piece that we want to go and kill, or, on the Imperituro. The latter equipment also allows us to play Xoolani, which can exert great pressure on the opponent.

Hate Sting, Insidious Feast, Dark Spear, and Crolla are great spells for controlling the board. The first is cheap and will allow us to activate the effects of Nasus and Kindred. The second is perfect against more aggressive decks. The third we could cast easily and it will allow us to remove annoying champions like Ezreal and Nami. Crolla instead is an enhanced version of Hate Sting, as we kill an enemy.

Rite Of The Call, Beyond The Veil and Spiritual Leech are perfect for looking for champions or, in general, as fishing engines, especially useful if we are running out of resources.

Rite Of Denial and Atrocity are 2 very convenient cards. The first blocks opposing spells and also allows us to kill one of our pieces. Atrocity is a great closure.


Against aggressive decks (like Pirate, Lurk and Annie Jhin) look for The Wings And The Wave and Vanishing Icon, they will be very useful to hold up in the early rounds. Insidious Feast can also be useful, both for recovering life points and for killing a piece and placing a blocker. Keep the Hungry Butcher only if you already have one of the two servants mentioned above, also because, you have to try to hold up in the first few turns of the game.

Against control decks (Like Heimerdinger Jayce, FTR and Darkenss) trade all your cards for The Undying. if you already have it, keep the cards that can kill him to embarrass the opponent.

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Match up analysis

Miss Fortune Twisted Fate

Bad match up, which is not good news given his playing rate. Look for low-cost allies like The Wings And The Wave and Vanishing Icon. The Imperishable is useless as it cannot block. Insidious Feast is another great card to hold. If you have one of the aforementioned allies you can keep Hate Sting and Kindred, which may help you remove enemies.

Elise Gwen Katarina

This is an au pair meeting. The Imperishable and Kindred will be very helpful. He also tries to keep Hate Sting in order to kill Katarina. Crolla and Black Spear will neutralize Gwen and the Eternal Dancers. They don’t have major removal, so play Nasus as soon as you can and push the damage until you can use Atrocity.

Ezreal Kennen

Another bad match. Try to put pressure on low-cost allies early on, and save removals for when he tries to use calls. Kindred is another great card, plus you can try playing The Imperishable and Nasus as well, hoping he won’t be able to call them back.

Turndle Vi

Extremely simple meeting. It is difficult, if not impossible, for him to counter The Imperishable, Xolaami and Nasus. They will also play one ally per turn, so Kindred can easily destroy them.

Jax Vi

This is a more aggressive version of timelines, but it’s not a difficult encounter, quite the contrary. Look for low cost and kindred units. The Imperishable also plays a pivotal role in this game. Once Nasus and Xolaami are down it will be difficult for the opponent to win.

Nami Twisted Fate (Ionia)

Equal match up that sees neither of the two underdogs. The Imperishable and Kindred are key in this game. Try to kill Nami as soon as possible with Crolla and Darkspear. Without Nami, he shouldn’t be too bad, he only has Ionia’s tellstones, but besides that, nothing to worry about.

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