Udoh catches Torres in the 94th minute: 1-1

Udoh catches Torres in the 94th minute: 1-1
Udoh catches Torres in the 94th minute: 1-1
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With a goal by Udoh in the middle of a kilometer recovery, Cesena grabs Torres and avoids the second defeat in a row at the Orogel Stadium. In the end it is a consolation prize for the boys of mister Napoli (on the bench instead of the suspended Toscano) but it is a golden point for how the match was going. The Sardinians harness the Bianconeri in the first part of the game without however avoiding the chance of 1-0 on the feet of Ferrante and Calderoni and on the head of Celiento, but in all three cases the aim is to lack. In the second half, Naples immediately resorted to the changes, inserting Adamo, Corazza and Udoh, but to pass is the Torres who exploits the misunderstanding between Prestia and Lewis and with Ruocco puts the arrow. The finale becomes a bullfight: the guests remain first in ten (outside Gianola) and then in nine (expelled Liviero) but between the two reds Udoh had already found the paw that set the definitive 1-1. Next Sunday Bianchi and his teammates will see Fermana who today has the same result on the Recanatese field.

CESENA-TORRES 1-1 (first half 0-0)

NETWORKS: 18’st Ruocco (T), 49 ‘Udoh (C)

CESENA (3-4-1-2): Lewis, Ciofi, Prestia (30’st Mercadante), Celiento; Zecca (5’st Adamo), Bianchi, De Rose (30’st Chiarello), Calderoni; Saber; Ferrante (11’st Corazza), Shpendi S. (11’st Udoh)

AVAILABLE: Tozzo, Pollini, Kontek, Bumbu, Brambilla, Francesconi, Lepri

COACH: Napoli (Tuscan suspended)

TORRES (4-4-2): Garau (32’st Saved); L. Ferrante, Dametto, Antonelli, Girgi; Campagna (21’st Lisai), Gianola, Lora, Liviero; Diakitè (35’st Masala), Ruocco

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AVAILABLE: Carboni, Heinz, Lombardo, Pinna R., Suciu, Teso, Bonavolontà, Pinna S., Carminati, Sanat

COACH: Greco

REFEREE: Centi from Terni (assistants Piazzini from Prato and Toce from Florence)

NOTES: corners 6-4 for Torres; booked Saber, Ciofi, Adamo (C), Ferrante, Gianola, Diakitè, Lora, Girgi (T); expelled Gianola (T) at 34’st and Liviero (T) at 50’st recoveries: 0’pt and 9’st

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