Hanna Braids pro adoption by same-parent couples: the message!

Hanna Braids pro adoption by same-parent couples: the message!
Hanna Braids pro adoption by same-parent couples: the message!
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Hanna Braids, the tiktoker of Ethiopian origins born in 2002, today gave a great test of maturity, launching a very positive message. She first told a very sad and delicate part of her childhood, and then gave a great lesson to everyone. She explained that she and her brother, fatherless, were in a foster home in Ethiopia, with 700 other children. A place where there was no prospect for the futurewhere the two of them were gods anonymous subjects, deprived of everything.

Then they were adopted by an Italian man and woman. Hanna he said, however, that, in that situation, they didn’t care who would welcome them: they just wanted a family, safety and love. It would have changed nothing for them to have two parents who were either male or both female. Adoption, then, is a long and complex practice, which verifies the mental, financial and physical stability of the parents. Reason why, if a same-sex couple (made up of members of the same sex), wants to adopt, they should have the possibility, like other couples:

I am originally fromEthiopia, I am fatherless and I was placed in a foster home at the age of 4, I stayed there for two years. Two years in which my brother and I were deprived of everything, we were only two subjects. We were then adopted by a traditional family, consisting of a mother and a father. Because we, after all that we have been through, if we had been in front of two mothers or two fathers, we would have said: “Absolutely no, I refuse the offer and go ahead, I prefer to stay here in Africa, die of hunger, not have a future”? When I was little I was looking for a few things: love, safety and functional family. Children don’t care about everything else, two dads, two mothers … All these mental limitations are instilled in us from the external environment, from ignorant people. When we are born we don’t have them. It took my parents three years to adopt us, during which they visited and monitored them a lot. So if a same-parenting couple wants to adopt, they have nothing to hide, if something is wrong, it will be found out. To me as a child it didn’t matter if two women or two men adopted meI cared run away from that life.

Hanna Braids he said something very important: children have no mental limits, they are passed on to them by adults. For a child it’s love that counts! Very, very good Hannawe need messages like this!

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If you still can’t figure it out, I’m sorry for you. I really feel sorry for you and your mental limitations.

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