Vodafone still decreases the cost of decommissioning the fixed line

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Important news coming from Vodafone. The telephone operator, in fact, has decided to lower the costs that are applied in case of deactivation landline. The table of these costs, published on the site, has been updated, in this case providing for lower costs for the deactivation of the lines ADSL, FTTC and FTTH Fiber.

Proceeding in order, from February 17, 2019Vodafone had lowered the costs of termination to 28 euros the expense to be incurred to “switch off” the ADSL, FTTC and FTTH Fiber lines (even in the case of switching to another operator). Now, the company further reduced these costs: 23 euros in case of divestment of the line and 15 euros if you switch to another operator. Furthermore, a specific case is also foreseen, namely the “Return to TIM”: in this situation the previous cost of 28 euros is indicated.

Also for fixed lines in FWA technology, things have changed a bit. The new deactivation cost, in fact, is 18 euros (previously it was set at 25 euros). On the other hand, the costs to be incurred to deactivate the fixed line with telephone-only offers would seem unchanged, equal to 19 euros.

Regarding the decommissioning costs for the fixed network, AGCOM resolution 487/18 / CONSpublished ad October 2018sanctioned a regulation of foreseen expenses precisely in case of deactivation or disposal of the line. All this was done to protect customers and therefore prevent the telephone company from applying costs that are not entirely justified. This resolution, in fact, established that the costs of withdrawal must be commensurate with the value of the contract and above all the costs incurred for the disposal of the line (or for the transfer of the service).

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