Elections, rates and discounts for out-of-towners who return home to vote by train, plane or motorway

Elections, rates and discounts for out-of-towners who return home to vote by train, plane or motorway
Elections, rates and discounts for out-of-towners who return home to vote by train, plane or motorway
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Voting is a right and duty that millions of students and workers alike Offsite often risk not being able to exercise. The Italian law provides that you can only vote in the municipality of residence and this means that at each electoral round, those who live, study and work in another city must face a journey with prohibitive times and costs.

While waiting for a law to be approved in parliament to put an end to this situation, those who want to go home on 25 September political elections you can take advantage of the special discounts made available by the main national travel companies.


Who will have to take an Freccia or an Intercity Trenitalia you can do this by paying for the ticket with the 30% discount, a reduction that doubles to 60% if you choose to travel with a regional train or a Trenord vehicle. To take advantage of the reduced rate, you must show up at the ticket office with an identity card and electoral card. To avoid crafty people who just want to go home at a reduced price, during the return journey the conductor will check that the card actually has the stamp of the seat.

Discounts are valid only in second class. The outward journey can be booked from 16 September and must arrive at the destination by the closing of the polling stations. The return ticket can be booked from after the polling stations open until midnight on 5 October.


Those who need the plane to go home will have the discounted rates of Ita Airways: for domestic flights, tickets will be discounted by 50%, while those coming from abroad will have a 40% reduction on international flights and 25% on intercontinental flights. Here, too, during the return journey, you will need to present your stamped ballot paper. The reduction does not extend to airport taxes, cannot be combined with other discounts and is not applied to codeshare votes, i.e. those operated for Ita by other companies.


Wide range of options also for those who choose the ship to go to their electoral headquarters. Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione spa, GNV spa, Grimaldi Euromed spa, Navigazione Siciliana ScpA and NLG will all apply a 60% discount to ordinary rates, while those entitled to the resident discount will have the most advantageous one applied.



If someone has the opportunity to travel with their own car, they can avoid paying the motorway toll, which for voters will be suspended by all concessionaires from 22:00 on 20 September until the same time on 30.

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The initiative of Più Europa

Who is waging the parliamentary battle to spare these off-site trips is More Europewith a bill signed by the group leader Riccardo Magi, which, however, was not voted on in time for these consultations. “All parties bring up the issue under elections, but initiatives in this sense should be taken at the beginning of the legislature in order to avoid the recurrence of the problem for the municipal and regional authorities”, he comments Patrizia De Graziaof the board of Più Europa Torino, which has dedicated a lot to the initiative “I vote out of office”Promoted by the party. «We have tried to spread all this news on discounts and concessions, which we have welcomed with satisfaction, even though we know that they are not enough. State companies such as Trenitalia should fully refund at least the one-way ticket. We hope that a problem that concerns 5 million of those under 35 who are accused of not going to vote and instead do not do so as not to incur excessive costs will be faced as soon as possible “.


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