Milan-Dinamo Zagreb 3-1: the Rossoneri are now first in Group E in the Champions League

Milan-Dinamo Zagreb 3-1: the Rossoneri are now first in Group E in the Champions League
Milan-Dinamo Zagreb 3-1: the Rossoneri are now first in Group E in the Champions League
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At the Meazza he unlocks Giroud on a penalty, Saelemaekers doubles. Orsic deceives the Croatians, but the seal is placed by Pobega

The ones you expect. Like Giroud, the senator who arrived at Milanello as a champion of Europe. And the ones you don’t expect. Like Saelemaekers and Pobega, workers and toilers rather than filmmakers. Call it the underdog rematch. Milan wins their first match of the group like this, as Pioli has long since become accustomed to: with the most obvious solutions and with the lesser ones. The thousand resources of this Devil, who is projected to first place in the group and, after the draw in Salzburg, begins to observe the next four commitments – starting from the next double round with Chelsea – with a certain good mood. A European shock was needed after the opaque punticino in Austria, it arrived and it was not so obvious with the toxins of the second half of Genoa played in ten. A well-deserved success in front of a Dinamo that was able to hit again with the usual Orsic, but could not withstand a shock wave from the Rossoneri, perhaps not so furious in intensity, but constant throughout the match. The Devil was superior and in the Champions League redeems a long dark period: at San Siro the last victory dates back to September 2013 (Celtic).

The choices

Compared to Samp, Pioli changes four, including a good part of the trocar, where Leao is the only fixed point in time. Saelemaekers, a man likewise in Salzburg, sees himself again and Diaz returns to the fore: it is he, back from three spun benches, the real novelty in Pioli’s reflections. The rest was pretty obvious: Bennacer for Pobega and Tomori for Kjaer. Almost everyone is available instead for Cacic, starting with Orsic striker, Chelsea’s executioner and man with ten goals and six seasonal assists so far. In reality, in the first 45 Orsic has seen few balls also because he tried to find a breath, widening a lot and ending up losing references with his teammates. Few glimmers, in general, for the whites of Cacic and Diavolo with the high guard who granted the minimum wage: a nice personal cue from Moharrami (Maignan in the corner) and a poisonous right hand from Orsic who greeted the pole from very close . The Croatian offensive phase was all here and then the rest was colored by Rossoneri. But, you know, the Devil often struggles to unhinge the double-locked doors and if he could he would avoid playing against teams that wait by choice (and perhaps by necessity). Because it is one thing to leave again and another to embroider with patience looking for the best light.

The motion

And so, faced with a Dinamo with the same technical canvas used brilliantly with Chelsea – waiting and counterattack -, Milan held the wand firmly in hand but without continuity in intensity. He lived through flames, which lasted for several minutes, but the initial fury subsided a little in the second part of the fraction. The Rossoneri struggled especially on the trocar, where what Diaz did in the first half was done very well, but they were sporadic inventions. Saelemaekers bungler on the right, so much so as to blatantly infuriate Pioli twice. At one point, the coach heavily curried both him and Calabria, evidently unsatisfied with the right chain. Pioli actually attempted a move to surprise Dinamo, but only partially succeeded: to advance Tonali almost on the line of Diaz, a sort of double attacking midfielder that Cacic remedied by attacking Misic and Ivanusec in turn to Sandro’s ribs. And Leao? He is present, yes, in the most dangerous actions of Milan, but a bit distracted when it comes to concluding. First on the counterattack, almost face to face with the Croatian goalkeeper, and then slipping on the fly from an excellent position.



The turning point, however, as expected by now, was given once again by him, even without entering the scorers’ table. Milan hit Dinamo when it hurts the most in the spirit and in the legs: at the end of the first half and at the beginning of the second. At the 43rd minute, Tomori pocketed vertically for Leao, on whom Sutalo collapsed: solar rigor transformed by Giroud at the end. The Spanish referee Manzano is the whistle of the crazy night in Rio Ave: AC Milan took the lead on a penalty, it definitely makes sense… After two laps of the second half, an encore has arrived. Beautiful, clean action, as Milan has accustomed us to often admire: Giroud for Diaz, ball to Leao, winning acceleration on Ristovski (former teammate at Sporting Lisbon) and soft cross on Saelemaekers’ head, in advance of the disastrous Ljubicic. The Belgian winger king of the Champions League, two goals in two games (will Pioli’s lecture be served?). Match in cassoforte? Not so. Dinamo pulled their heads out of their shells in about ten minutes and shortened with an equally beautiful action managed by Orsic, good at calling the one-two with Petkovic (fantastic ball between Kalulu and Tomori) and putting Maignan on. on the furthest pole. At that point the Croatians logically became more unscrupulous, but the propulsion ran out as the minutes passed. Midway through the round, Pioli inserted Pobega for Tonali and removed Giroud, sending De Ketelaere to play the center forward. And shortly after half an hour the match ended. On the pedestal Pobega, who started the action, assisted magnificently by Hernandez, and ended it with a scoppola under the crossbar. The race ended there. A record has been achieved, on Sunday another one needs to be defended.

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