Advertising on iPhones? It will come sooner than you think

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In mid-August the well-known Mark Gurman Bloomberg had spread the news of Apple’s intentions to increase advertising on iPhones (today limited to a few suggestions in the App Store) starting with an expansion on theApp Store to get to Maps or to the card Today.

There news, confirmed by several newspapers, it looked like a project developing that would not see the light as much soon, also because the launch of the new iPhone 14 has overshadowed everything, but now it seems that things are not just like that.

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In fact, according to the CNBC And Eric Seufertfounder of Mobile Dev Memo, the Cupertino house has already sent the developers a message in which it encourages them to buy advertisements and join one session online.

According to the message, the new ones advertising placements will be implemented inApp Store in a few months, by holiday season.

Currently, Apple it only shows a announcement on the search page ofApp Store and an announcement in the Search Results of the App Store, but with the new plans they should increase considerably.

As seen from the message, Apple will hold a virtual event on 21 Septemberduring which time it will most likely provide developers more detailsperhaps also about the expansion of advertising in the Today tab, which we talked about in August.

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Contacted about it by CNBC, Apple stated that

Apple Search Ads offers opportunities for developers of all sizes to grow their business. Like our other advertising offerings, these new ad placements are based on the same foundation: they will only contain content from App Store product pages approved by the apps and will adhere to the same stringent privacy standards. ‘

In short, more advertising, non-tracking or not. As we noted a month ago, in 2021 alone advertising activity Apple has grown by the 238% to get to $ 3.7 billion, with services amounting to well 68 billion dollars during the same period. It is to be expected that with these expansion programscombined with the launch of the new iPhone 14, Tim Cook and companions will have a Merry Christmas.

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