the court decides today on the adoption of Alice

the court decides today on the adoption of Alice
the court decides today on the adoption of Alice
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There are many couples who would like to adopt Alice, the little girl abandoned at the end of August in front of the San Gerardo hospital in Monza. Today the Juvenile Court will decide if she can be adopted.

Alice may soon have a new home. The hearing at the Milan Juvenile Court is scheduled today to decide on the fate of the little girlfound on 30 August in a shoe box in front of the obstetric emergency room of San Gerardo in Monza.

Numerous couples ready to adopt it

In recent weeks, the Monza hospital had been overwhelmed by the wave of affection that the story of little Alice had unleashed. The requests for adoption made by couples who wanted to take the baby with them were numerous, as well as the donations, the soft toys and the onesie that arrived at the hospital.

However, the times of bureaucracy contrasted with this immediate popularity. Ten days had to pass, as required by law, to allow biological parents to come forward and recognize the child. However, this did not happen, so the Prosecutor’s Office for minors made a request for a decree of immediate adoptability.

The privileged choice is precisely that of adoption and if the judge of the Court decides in this sense, the Municipality of Monza will be declared legal guardian of Alice. The social workers will then take care of the little girl until she is entrusted to her new family.

The hypothesis remains that Alice could be temporarily transferred to a foster home, but the municipal social services have tried to speed up the adoption times as much as possible. In recent days they have already met several couples who have started the process of adoption and would be ready to welcome the child.

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No trace of the mother

Meanwhile, there are no traces of the biological mother, nor has it been ascertained whether it was actually she who left the child in front of the hospital. The only certainty is that whoever brought Alice there knew she would be found by the staff in no time. If the mother were traced, she would risk being accused of neglect of a minor.

In recent days the two policemen who intervened immediately after Alice’s discovery spoke to Assistant Chief Gianluca Grimaldi and agent Federico Bembi said they could not pronounce themselves on the mother’s gesture: “This gesture is certainly not acceptable, but no one here is ready to judge the biological mother. We cannot even know the conditions of this mother. woman and her frailties “.

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