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ANCONA – The prosecutor is committed to reconstructing what happened inside the plant. Meanwhile, the conditions of the welder, transported to Torrette, remain very serious

September 14, 2022 – 2:10 pm

Rescue on the spot

The prosecutor is carrying out all the necessary investigations to understand the dynamics of the accident that took place this morning at 9 in the Fincantieri plant.
Unfortunately, the conditions of the worker, FC the initials, 51 years old from Polverigi (not 46 years old as initially written) continue to remain very serious.
According to initial information, the man, with the qualification of welder, seems to have made the joint of a panel measuring 4 meters by 4, with a thickness of 2 centimeters and a weight of about 500 kilograms. He was therefore arranging to couple two plates together. The dynamics of what happened are not yet clear and are still being reconstructed and to be ascertained, as are the responsibilities.
However, something would have happened in moving the heavy plate, in such a way as to make the juxtaposition with the other already welded. It is not known if this was happening with the use of a hoist, a crane or if this was hooked for the part of the shim on some clamps or jacks that could have yielded. Everything is still to be rebuilt.
The man, who is in Torrette, is in serious condition. The heavy slab, in falling on him, hit him from neck to foot, causing him a polytrauma to the limbs and chest with probable internal bleeding.
An accident at work that unfortunately shocked once again colleagues and port workers who immediately proclaimed a strike.
“This morning – we read in the leaflets distributed by Fim-Cisl, Fiom-Cgil and Uilm – a serious injury has occurred in our factory. A C1 worker is in serious condition in hospital. Out of respect for what happened and complaining about the increasingly stringent work rhythms with inevitable consequences on safety, the RSU Fincantieri Ancona declares a strike for direct employees and third-party companies starting from 10 this morning up to and including the entire afternoon shift “.

Serious accident at Fincantieri Strike announced: “Safety at work is a priority”

Accident at work at the port: 500 kg slab falls on a worker

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