Cesena-Torres 1-1 | For the broken headset … but without a goalkeeper it goes like this …

Cesena-Torres 1-1 | For the broken headset … but without a goalkeeper it goes like this …
Cesena-Torres 1-1 | For the broken headset … but without a goalkeeper it goes like this …
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Cesena 1
Torres 1

CESENA (3-5-2): Lewis; Ciofi, Prestia (31 ‘st Mercadante), Celiento; Zecca (5 ‘st Adamo), Bianchi, De Rose (31’ st Chiarello), Saber, Calderoni; Stiven S. (11 ‘st Udoh), Ferrante (11’ st Corazza). Available: Tozzo, Pollini, Kontek, Bumbu, Brambilla, Francesconi, Lepri. Annex: Naples

TORRES (4-3-3): Garau (31 ‘st Saved); Liviero, Dametto, Antonelli, Girgi; Gianola, Lora, Ferrante L .; Campagna (21 ‘st Lisai), Diakite (35’ st Masala), Ruocco. Available: Carboni, Heinz, Lombardo, Pinna R., Suciu, Tesio, Bonavolontà, Pinna S., Carminati, Sanat. Annex: Greek

REFEREE: Matteo Centi from Terni. Assistants: Simone Piazzini from Prato and Marco Toce from Florence. Fourth Officer: Giovanni Tricarico of Verona.

NETWORKS: 18 ‘st Ruocco (T), 49’ st Udoh (C)

NOTE: Expelled Gianola (T), Liviero (T). Ammonites Ferrante L. (T), Saber (C), Ciofi (C), Diakite (T), Girgi (T)

Even six points would have been few after three days, let alone four! Cesena drops dramatically in the second half and once again Lewis costs the Juventus disadvantage. From then on, you no longer play, with opponents taking advantage of every useful pretext to waste time. But it is above all Cesena that does not give a glimpse of an idea of ​​the game, looking for a systematic forward launch for the center forward. Udoh takes it back, stubborn in taking advantage of a defensive rebound. But there is definitely little to rejoice about …

55 ‘st It ends with a great confusion. He Cesena unable to exploit the numerical superiority. Cesena-Torres 1-1

54 ‘st Udoh is offside

52 ‘st Calderoni serves Celiento but is heralded offside

51 ‘st Expelled Liviero for entering with a straight leg on Udoh

49 ‘st GOOOOOOLLLL !! Udoh takes care of it in the fray. Cesena-Torres 1-1

47 ‘st New high hold of Salva

45 ‘st Allotted nine minutes of injury time

45 ‘st Ciofi’s header from a corner kick, high ball

42 ‘st New Adam’s cross, new safe hold by Saved. Sometimes it is enough to have a goalkeeper …

40 ‘st Cross of Adam in the arms of Saved

39 ‘st Good service from Udoh for Chiarello who, however, throws a harmless flip

35 ‘st La Torres replaces Diakite with Masala

34 ‘st Second yellow for Gianola who is sent off

32 ‘st In the meantime he has not yet resumed playing

31 ‘st Last changes for Cesena: out of Prestia and De Rose, in Mercadante and Chiarello. In Torres Saves he takes the place of Garau

28 ‘st Cross by Saber, Udoh’s header is high again. Garau takes the opportunity to fall to the ground

26 ‘st Diakite back on the ground, game stopped again

25 ‘st Lisai’s broadside which ends high

24 ‘st Two Torres players simultaneously on the ground complain of cramps. It hurts to say it but that’s right

21 ‘First change for the guests: Lisai takes the place of Campagna

21 ‘Adamo’s Cross, Udoh’s gored at the near post but the ball is high

18 ‘st resounding duck of Lewis who misses the exit, Ruocco scores from two steps. Cesena-Torres 0-1

18 ‘st De Rose’s opening, Adam’s scissor cross that is picked up by Garau


14 ‘st Triangulation in the strait of the host brand, Gianola hits the outside of the net

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12 ‘st Diakite conspicuously tripping Adam, yellow for him

11 ‘st Attack revolutionized. Outside Ferrante and Stiven Shpendi, inside Corazza and Udoh

10 ‘st Cross to return from Ruocco, Lewis clears the punch area

7 ‘shot by Ruocco dampened by the defense, blocks Lewis

5 ‘st First change for the bianconeri: Adamo takes over Zecca

3 ‘st Aerial twist of the rossoblù captain Antonelli who does not frame the goal on a corner

1 ‘st The dispute resumes. Cesena-Torres 0-0

A Cesena who lives on gusts goes to the interval without having unlocked the race. Two colossal chances built by the bianconeri: the first on an inactive ball sees Celiento put high from the heart of the small area; the second on a maneuvered action is trashed by Calderoni’s bad left. A lot of imprecision in the immediate verticalizations that Toscano’s men try as soon as they recover the ball.
In the midst of all this, so much Torres that suffocates the Bianconeri thanks to an asphyxiating rhythm like the air you breathe today in Cesena.
We will need a higher quality shot.
During the interval the first team of Cesena FC women is presented.

45 ‘pt The first fraction ends without recovery. Cesena-Torres 0-0

42 ‘pt Cross from the right of Ciofi, once again Garau makes the ball his own

41 ‘pt Counterattack orchestrated by Zecca, De Rose’s cross, however, is too easy to read for Garau

35 ‘pt Mint’s lopsided cross

34 ‘pt Ciofi gets caught by Liviero and then tugs him. Yellow for him

33 ‘pt Wrong exit from Garau, Ferrante sets the table for Calderoni who, however, shoots out

32 ‘pt Bomba from outside Gianola who hisses a little to the side

28 ‘pt Whistled impetuous intervention by Saber who is simultaneously cautioned. Punishment from the edge for guests

22 ‘pt Celiento breaks free in the heart of the area and blatantly puts it to the side

22 ‘pt Zecca earns the first corner kick in favor of Cavalluccio

18 ‘pt Filtrante by Saber for Ferrante who arms the left-handed from a tight angle. Little high balloon

16 ‘pt Saber evades the offside and is face to face with Garau. Clash between the two, the ball slides to the bottom. The referee opts for the postponement from the fund

14 ‘pt Campaign cross from thirty meters, blocks Lewis

12 ‘pt Unloading of Saber for Bianchi who badly svirgola the conclusion

12 ‘pt Luca Ferrante warned for foul against Calderoni

8 ‘pt Cesena manages to clear their area after three shots from the flag for the guests

6 ‘pt Prestia clears a postponement and gives the first corner to Torres

1 ‘pt The third day begins now. Cesena-Torres 0-0

Don’t rest on your laurels. The victory in Rimini gave new impetus to a Cesena that started with the handbrake on. Now, however, we must continue to grind points and we cannot think of not making a full booty against a Torres still standing at the post, more than ever eager to erase the zero from its ranking in this start of the championship.
The bianconeri cannot count on Mr. Toscano (the deputy Napoli sits on the bench), expelled in the final of Sunday’s match and subsequently disqualified for a round, like Coccolo. Out due to injury Albertini and Cristian Shpendi, slight turn over in the starting eleven.

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