there is the new extension in October

there is the new extension in October
there is the new extension in October
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Since i petrol and diesel prices have increased exponentially, people feel more and more angry for the overpriced full. Someone has even decided to use the car less and resort to other means such as bus, bike or scooter to limit the “damage” of price increases. It is not difficult to see motorists go hunting for the cheapest distributor or show some disappointment when the amount to shell out appears on the pump display. With the arrival of the excise duty size discount of 30 cents, an attempt was made to put a patch on the strong increases.

In recent weeks, fuel prices have fallen compared to the boom of last spring but without the now well-known discount, it is clear that gasoline and diesel, which also cost more, would arrive at disproportionate prices. And motorists are increasingly angry and waiting for something to change.

Petrol and diesel prices are falling, the excise duty cut discount has been extended again

But there is good news. Yet another extension has arrived on the fuel discount. However, if we were expecting a long extension, we were wrong. Once again, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco, and the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, have decided to extend the excise duty size discount, until October 17. The news was then made official through a joint note from the Mef. We have now reached the fifth or sixth extension. The first discount came into effect on March 22, then other extensions followed from there: May 2, July 8, August 2, August 21, September 20 and now October 17.

How much does the fuel cost now

Obviously, to the question that everyone has been asking for a few months now, namely “How long will the discount last, will it still be extended?There is no answer.


For now until October 17, petrol and diesel will cost less thanks to the excise duty discount. We will see if the government decides to make other extensions until November or to implement more decisive measures. Also because, from October, the new government will be established. It is difficult to predict what will happen, but as with the high bills and inflation, the issue of rising gasoline prices is also urgent and worthy of revisions.

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Meanwhile, according to the Daily Relay on the data of the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development, self-service petrol fell by 1 cent. Now it costs an average of 1,723 euros / liter, compared to 1,828 euros / liter of diesel. When served, on the other hand, petrol reaches € 1,867 per liter and diesel fuel reaches € 1,970 / liter. Cheaper prices but still far from pre-war levels, especially if we think that it is partly due to the discount.

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