More expensive food, energy and gasoline: school meal vouchers prices rise

More expensive food, energy and gasoline: school meal vouchers prices rise
More expensive food, energy and gasoline: school meal vouchers prices rise
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Children at the canteen in kindergarten

The price of meat and vegetables and some municipalities is growing increase the cost of school canteens, infuriating families. Chioggia has already written down the increases and from 3 October daily meal vouchers will rise by one euro: from 3.60 to 4.60. It means that on average a family, for each child, will spend around 200 euros more per year. But Chioggia, where some parents have already complained and announced protests, not a white fly. By the end of September too we will be forced to revise the prices – anticipates the mayor of San Don Andrea Cereser – we are evaluating how to divide the increases between the municipality and families. We will use our reserves to protect the weaker groups, but we will have to ask the others for an effort.

Few room for maneuver

Cereser does not quantify still how much the increases will weigh. The Municipality is in fact trying to dilute them as much as possible, but beyond a certain threshold you will not be able to go because the company providing the service has already provided the quote, which is heavier than in previous years, e limited room for maneuver. We will decide in the next few days but I do not see alternative solutions: I believe we will be forced to increase the cost of meal vouchers of 40 or 50 cents – also anticipates the mayor of Salzano Luciano Betteto – we are sorry to have to do it but otherwise the accounts do not add up. Suffice it to say that this year the Municipality will have to take on bills that will cost 300,000 euros more. Almost all firms that offer the services to the Municipalities they are presenting higher quotes. Most of them, in fact, take care of both the preparation and the transport and distribution of meals. And between increases in fuel, energy and food, the accounts are soaring. Various administrations, for the moment, ensure for that there will be no repercussions on families.

Councilor Besio

The commissioner to Educational policies of the Municipality of Venice Laura Besio reiterates that there will be no increases in the capital. Costs also unchanged in Scorz. We’ll be tightening our belts elsewhere, but we didn’t feel like raising the cost of the canteen in such a difficult time for families, underlines the mayor Nais Marcon. Frozen prices also in Portogruaro. The company that takes care of the service has also communicated to us an increase in costs, but we will take care of it as an administration without asking anything from our citizens, assures the mayor Florio Favero. At the moment we have not expected increases, the mayor of Mira, Marco Dori, who like all his colleagues will have to face complicated months. Which do not allow long-term forecasts, so much so that many mayors exclude price increases only for the moment.

The weight of the bills

With the arrival of the cold the administrations will have in fact an accurate count of the weight of the bills and the suspicion that many will be forced to reduce some services or increase their cost. Probably, many will therefore increase the price of meal vouchers school canteens, thus reviving the controversy of three years ago when several families – the issue was then closed with Covid – demanded that their children be able to eat a meal brought from home at school. But the price of school transport services could also increase. Camponogara in the next few days it should deliberate slight increases. The risk of it being the first in a long line.

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