“They have removed the school bus, but we are not working for safe and sustainable mobility”

“They have removed the school bus, but we are not working for safe and sustainable mobility”
“They have removed the school bus, but we are not working for safe and sustainable mobility”
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In my municipality, the school started with an “innovative” choice: the school bus has been eliminated. The same choice has been made (for some time already) in other neighboring municipalities.

I am lucky enough to live close to schools: it was lucky when I was a child and when my daughter attended elementary and middle school because I don’t need any means to get to school, it’s bad luck when you have to (for over 20 years) live with chaos, smog and incivility. Three streets that, at constant times (at school entrances and exits), turn into a smelly rodeo. The same path is also the only access to the hospital. Chaos happens and that’s okay because it’s accepted, with stupid resignation, the idea that their children should be accompanied by car to the school steps. But this also happens because the administrations of various colors, which have followed one another, have never seriously considered the problem.

When my daughter was in elementary school, with my wife and a few other “visionaries”, I had tried to keep the pedibus alive, which today has completely disappeared. In Ispra, where I have my business, I had also tried to start a bicibuswhich turned out to be impossible due to a lack of willingness on all sides to find solutions.

I do not enter into the merits of the major inconveniences for families in the suburbs or hamlets who do not have the opportunity to drive their children to school by car. I remain on the theme of mobility, that sustainable mobility that does so much good in words, but which requires courage and a real sense of responsibility to be able to see it in action. “Go back to the past, that is, you have to go to school on foot or by bicycle, as in the past”, suggests someone. This is a beautiful dream that I would love to see concretely: it would be great if in Angera, our children could go to school or to town by bicycle. Someone does, but they take risks. That would be great, but our roads are not safe and, above all, at certain times they are a jungle of nervous, pressed and often undisciplined (and distracted) motorists.

When we were children, the cars were much fewer and above all less bulky: now it’s all a trumpet of exaggerated SUVs that circulate in the same streets as always, born when the carts had to pass us or at most the Cinquecento or the Pandas. The problem of coexistence between cars and weak users is concrete todayprecisely for these reasons of spaces and ways of circulating in our countries.

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The services are removed (in this case the school bus), but nothing is done (and you don’t have the courage to do it) to make the streets suitable for children, cyclists and pedestrians. In my municipality, but also in neighboring ones (to avoid anyone misunderstanding that I want to take it out on this or that administrator).

The issue of sustainable mobility is vital for the quality of life of our small countries provincial and the very low interest of the administrations in strategic local public transport is also a fact: the result is that when the public transport service is there it works badly, as happens with the interurban bus lines that I use daily and my daughter uses to go to high school. If everyone gives a damn, whoever has to guarantee the service does it as they like, saving as much as possible, not caring about the quality of the service. Local public transport, on the other hand, would be invaluable, if it worked well, both for our environment and for tourism.

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