“It is inadmissible, urgent interventions are needed”

“It is inadmissible, urgent interventions are needed”
“It is inadmissible, urgent interventions are needed”
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The fatal accident yesterday that occurred in Marina di Mosciano Sant’Angelo is unfortunately only the latest in a long series of serious or fatal injuries that occur in our region with heavy consequences for the families concerned.

“When it comes to critical issues related to the world of work, many think only of the phenomenon of unemployment or precarious work. The issue of health and safety in the workplace, which is a real scourge in our country, takes a back seat. of the so-called “white” deaths, ie men and women who lose their lives for the work they do. Yet, despite the constant alarms raised by the union on the need to intervene massively on prevention and controls to avoid these tragedies, we continue to witness the repetition of statements in the wake of the indignation of the moment and little else. “Says the regional secretary of the CGIL Abruzzo-Molise Francesco Spina.

“In a normal country it is indecent to have an average of about 81 deaths per month. In a normal country, it is not acceptable that databases between Inail, Asl and the Labor Inspectorate cannot be integrated in order to have a defined framework and consequently act on priorities. In a normal country, it is not conceivable that the staff of inspectors and occupational doctors destined to operate on prevention and controls have been halved in the last ten years and it is not possible at least to replace a part of those who retire. Too little has been done on these fronts and yet everyone declares themselves ready to face the matter. We reiterate once again the need to intervene on prevention and TRAINING, extensive structural interventions are needed to make not only basic training compulsory and permanent, but also that linked to updating in activities and production processes in continuous change. It is necessary to reward virtuous companies that correctly apply contracts and regulations also on the subject of health and safety, contrasting against those that consider the protection of health only an additional cost to be incurred in the global competition system. “continues Spina.

For the workers’ union “the risk is that even more in this difficult time, health and safety are not considered a priority. It is also necessary for the Region to convene and operate the Coordination Committee for health and safety in the workplace provided for by Article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 81 of 9 April 2008. The law provides for very important tasks for this body and in particular:

– Develop activity plans and operational projects in the field of health and safety at work;

– Carry out functions of direction and planning of surveillance and prevention activities and promote training, information, communication and assistance activities in coordination between the various institutions;

– Collect and analyze information relating to harmful events and risks, providing operational and technical suggestions aimed at reducing the phenomenon of accidents and work-related illnesses;

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– Enhance corporate and territorial agreements that promote the adoption, by employers, workers and all interested parties, of behaviors aimed at improving the levels of protection of health and safety;

– Monitor and evaluate the activities carried out by the operational office and by the provincial bodies to verify the achievement of the objectives. “

It is therefore urgent to act not only at the national level, but also at the regional level. CGIL Abruzzo-Molise awaits news on this front, hoping that there will be a real turning point in the way of conceiving work and the defense of the health and safety of those who work.

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