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The steering, which is activated by moving the steering wheel, is one of the most important components for the correct functioning of the car: both the vehicle and road safety depend on it. The main function of this mechanism is to vary the angle of the wheels with respect to the direction of travel, always by turning the steering wheel, and this allows the vehicle to change direction.

Speaking exclusively of the steering wheel, it is extremely important to adjust this at a distance of at least 20 centimeters from the driver, to avoid injuries to the face in the event of activation of the airbag.

On the other hand, staying too far from the steering wheel greatly increases reaction times, and as mentioned before, staying at close range can lead to potential injuries: to reach an optimal distance, you need to adjust the seat back while you have your back leaning against it and you need to be able to touch the tip of the steering wheel with your wrists.

In summary, the steering wheel, if kept at the optimal distance, can protect safely thanks to the airbag and allows you to perform fast maneuvers that require quick reflexes, such as dodging an object or worse, a pedestrian who suddenly emerges.

What would be the consequences if the steering head broke?

If, in a remote hypothesis, the steering tube were to break, it would block the steering wheel, or the handlebar in the case of motorcycles, and would also face the serious difficulty of maneuvering the car. This happens because the entire headset and the steering wheel connected to it locks up. Usually in these cases the first thing to do is to warn other road users through the hazard lights, to gradually slow down towards the edge of the road in order to see the damage. Then it is necessary to check the reason for the breakdown and call, if the car is no longer safe to drive, a tow truck to take it to the nearest mechanic who will analyze it properly.

How do I know if a steering head is broken?

One of the checks that can also be carried out at home is to check the steering clearance; this happens when going on a straight road, the car spontaneously tends towards one side of the roadway. This can also be caused by simple wear of the components of the headset and not necessarily be attributed to a total breakage of the steering head.

First of all it is necessary to lift the car from the front using a jack of the right weight; remove the wheel of the side in question and check the wear of the tie rods. In the event that the bushing is torn, due to debris coming from the road, it will be necessary to replace the tie rods, if instead the bushing is still intact but once the end of the tie rod is grasped, it moves too easily, the time will have come. to replace it. Usually these components have an average life of about 50,000 kilometers.

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How can the steering head be replaced?

The main action to be carried out when replacing the steering head is to remove the bearings. To do this, you need to have a mason’s chisel and act like this: hit from above to remove the bearing below and, on the contrary, hit from below to make the bearing above jump off.

To carry out this replacement operation, the car must be raised from the front and in the case of motorcycles, a stand will be used for the steering head, this will keep it suspended from the rest of the bodywork.

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