Carmine of MasterChef 11, had conquered Giorgio Locatelli: but here he is today

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Carmine Gorrasi, born in 2003 and who with his talent at MasterChef 11 had conquered Giorgio Locatello and more… here’s how his life has changed today.

The eleventh season of MasterChef allowed the public to meet numerous personalities who are now part of the world of cooking, as in the case of Carmine Gorrasi who got to get involved in front of the show’s cameras.

Carmine MasterChe 11 new life – RecipeSprint

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The former contestant of the program immediately conquered the judges with his talent in the culinary field, as evidenced by the fact that the young chef then won the second post in the final phase of the show. But how is his career progressing today?

Carmine after MasterChef 11

A very important path that he has undertaken Carmine Gorrasi that, in no time at all, has also become one of the well-known faces of Italian cuisine thanks to the journey made in front of the cameras of MasterChef Italia.

The very young chef, therefore, after his success in the media field, has therefore shown that he also has very clear ideas about what his working future will be, and the confirmation of what has been said, not surprisingly, also comes from various stories that Carmine is doing through a long series of posts published on his official Instagram page.

Carmine MasterChe 11 new life – RecipeSprint

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The new life of the competitor who had conquered Giorgio Locatelli

In the crosshairs of the attention of the web, therefore, we find again Carmine Gorrasi who thus embarked on a new career path in the world of cooking.

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In fact, by observing very carefully the social profile of the young chef, not surprisingly, it is possible to notice how Gorrasi after the success achieved in MasterChefhas decided to invest all of himself in the career from food blogger, receiving, in fact, a not indifferent following and not only. To date, Carmine Gorrasi boasts more than 100 thousand followers a few months after the end of MasterChef, with a long series of collaborations already active.

Carmine MasterChe 11 new life - RecipeSprint
Carmine MasterChe 11 new life – RecipeSprint

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