4th generation Echo Dot UNBEATABLE price, almost at an all-time low

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The Echo Dot of 4th generation that you have been dreaming of for some time is in super offer with 58% discount on Amazon with fast and free shipping by Prime. A price rarely seen in this period: you can in fact have it now with just 24 euros, that is to say well 25 euros less, and open up a world of possibilities. Because this device is much more than a simple speaker, it is a friend who accompanies you all day in every home activity with the voice assistant Alexa.

Amazon Echo Dot, NEVER so cheap in weeks

This smart speaker has a style elegant, with a rounded design and a fabric covering that adapts perfectly to even the smallest spaces and any type of furniture. But its strengths are other, starting with control over devices for the smart home with voice. Set it up quickly at home or in the office and start using it right away: you can ask Alexa information of all kinds, from the weather to recipesor to turn on the light, adjust a thermostat and control other compatible devices

You can even call and send messages without having to use their hands to anyone who owns an Echo device, the Alexa App or Skype. And from one device to another in another room with Drop In, perhaps to announce to everyone that dinner is ready. Then you are always up to date, because Alexa can access hundreds of Skills that make it more and more intelligent.

When you want to relax, listen to streaming songs from Amazon Music HD, Apple Music, Spotify, TuneIn and other music services. And with the highest quality, as it supports lossless HD audio. With Audible, you can also listen to yours audiobooks favorites. And when you don’t need or want some privacywith a simple button deactivate the microphones. In short, what are you waiting for to make this yours Echo Dot (4th generation) with Alexa voice assistant integrated? Right now you can get it for just 24 euros and around € 25.00 discount (58%), and fast and free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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