Protest for damage to the car, “A boy took me by the neck”

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CIVITANOVA – The man had parked in via Carena and found a draft on the hood on which a minor had sat talking to a friend. He said to call his parents and then phoned the carabinieri: “They left and a young man arrived who started insulting me.” Deputy Mirella Emiliozzi: “We cannot continue to allow gangs of minors and not to hold entire areas of the city hostage”

September 14, 2022 – 5:57 pm

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A police intervention in via Nave last winter

from Laura Boccanera

Attacked under the house for protesting after finding the hood of the car sketched. It happened in Civitanova, in via Carena. A resident was taken by the neck Sunday night by an Italian boy.

He himself tells what happened, exasperated by the return of a climate of difficult coexistence between groups of young people and residents (the man has made a complaint). The episode took place around 11.30 pm: “I went out to take the dog out – he says, asking to remain anonymous – and outside, above my car parked in front of the house, there were two girls, one sitting on a scooter and the other over the hood. I pointed out my grievances to them and when the girl got out I saw that there was a draft on the hood. At that point, since they were minors, I asked the girl to call her parents to give me her personal details. But the two girls moved away and to get the scooter back they sent this guy and a discussion arose because I had called the police and I didn’t want to have the scooter removed through which the girls could be traced. At that point he started insulting me, threatening me with death and put his hands on my neck and pinned me to the wall. I didn’t react and, attracted by the screams, two other guys came and pulled him away ». The resident then went to the emergency room where the doctors found a slight contusion for a few days of prognosis and later filed a complaint, investigations are underway. “Beyond the single episode – says the witness again – what happened is nothing but the escalation of what has been happening for two years in the seaside village when in the evening hundreds of young people, often minors, gather. But this is not just a meeting place, they are often thugs who leave dirt, vandalism and damage to the parked cars of the residents. Often, as I look out and protest in the afternoon, they whiz around with their mopeds, slam on the door and ring the bell ». The problems of that stretch of road between via Nave and via Carena are in fact well known to residents who are often targeted by children who sit on cars, damage mirrors and often hinder entry to homes, with an inconvenience for those who, especially at night, he would like to rest. Now that the attendance of the clubs on the seafront has ended, in fact, bands of young people have returned to find themselves along the streets behind Corso Umberto I and in the last weekends there have been more and more calls to the police and the carabinieri for the return of noises and disturbance of the peace public.

Mirella Emiliozzi, outgoing M5S deputy

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The deputy was also interested in the problem Mirella Emiliozzialso resident in the center and who in her speech to the Chamber mentioned the inconvenience of via Nave following the murder of Alika Ogorchukwu. “For months I have been sounding the alarm on the situation in Civitanova – says Emiliozzi – politics was scandalized and indignant at the murder of a street vendor, but then everything went back to normal, in general indifference. I was even criticized for bringing the issue of my city’s security to the attention of Parliament, we certainly cannot immediately continue to allow gangs of minors and non-minors to hold entire areas of the city and its citizens hostage. I personally spoke with Prefect Ferdani whom I thank for having immediately activated ».


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