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profits before safety –
profits before safety –
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On the day Twitter shareholders approve the $ 44 billion takeover bid, announced in April and then withdrawn in early July by Elon Musk, former social network security chief Peiter in the US Senate Zatko, claims that incentives have led top managers to prioritize profits over safety. Zatko the whistleblower which in recent months has denounced all the flaws in Twitter’s data protection system, fired last January after the unheard warnings. Now his testimony will be used by Tesla’s boss, who got the green light from the authorities, in the legal battle that pits him against Twitter. The first hearing scheduled for October 17 in Delaware.

Inadequate cyber defenses make thea platform vulnerable to attacks by teenagers, thieves and spies and put the privacy of its users at risk, Zatko said in his sworn testimony to the Senate Justice Committee. Today I’m here because Twitter’s leadership is deceiving the public, lawmakers, regulators, and even its own board of directors. They do not know what data they have, where they are and where they come from and therefore, obviously, they are unable to protect them. It doesn’t matter who has the keys if there are no locks.

Very serious accusations. Twitter is an immensely powerful platform that cannot afford security vulnerabilitiessaid the chair of the justice commission, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin. A flaw in his defense system can pose a direct threat to the hundreds of millions of Twitter users and to American democracy.

The question of whether Twitter accurately accounts for its active users was not raised at the hearing, an important parameter for its advertisers. As Musk claims to get out of the purchase agreement. According to Tesla’s boss, many of Twitter’s approximately 238 million daily users are fake or malicious accounts, so-called spam bots. In any case, more than 5% estimated by the company. It will be up to the judge to shed some light on the true numbers. In July, Twitter sued Musk, first partner with 10%, after its step backwards, due to the decline in technology stocks on the stock market, claims the social network, which yesterday closed up 0.8% while Wall Street lost almost 4%. In turn Musk filed a counter complaintaccusing Twitter of lying about its platform’s key user metrics.

The Zatko case offers another arrow to the billionaire’s defense. Musk claims Twitter paid his former security manager a $ 7.5 million severance pay, while Twitter pledged not to grant or provide any severance pay or severance pay out of business. ordinary.

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Zatko’s complaint is reminiscent of the one presented to Congress last year against Facebook by another whistleblower (Frances Haugen), who brought a mountain of internal documents to back up her allegations. In the absence of rules, it’s no surprise that social media exerts its enormous power over user data. For some time now, Congress has been trying to remedy this. Own Republican Senator Lindsay Graham announced yesterday that she wants to regulate social media companies. And she anticipated that she is working on the new measure, possibly a license to operate, with Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren.

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