Grace Kelly, 40 years ago the princess died

Grace Kelly, 40 years ago the princess died
Grace Kelly, 40 years ago the princess died
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Grace Kelly died following serious injuries sustained in the car accident which took place on 13 September 1982 in Cap d’Ail, not far from the Principality. Driving her, she, Grace Kelly, unusually unaccompanied by the driver, and next to her the youngest daughter Stephanie, only slightly injured. At the time, there were many conjectures that her 17-year-old daughter, still without a license, was driving the car.

The Princess’s untimely death shakes the world. State representatives from dozens of countries will attend her funeral, from Lady Diana and Nancy Reagan to actor friend Cary Grant. The sad event is broadcast live on television followed by about 100 million viewers.

Elegant, beautiful and full of charm Grace Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia, in the midst of the Great American Depression: today she would have turned 90 years old. Until her tragic death, on September 14, 1982, at the age of 52, she made generations of men and women dream and she remains in everyone’s memory as a true icon of style and royalty.

Behind the camera she was already a queen and to realize it was the great master of cinema Alfred Hitchcock, of whom she became the muse. With him she achieved world fame by interpreting “Il delitto Perfetto” (1954), “La Finestra sul Courtyard” (also from 1954) and “Caccia al ladro (1955)”.

But Grace Kelly, after conquering Hollywood and audiences around the world with her diaphanous grace, at the height of her success abandoned her career to marry Prince Rainier III, move to Monaco and become a wife and mother of three children. .


It was 1955 when Prince Rainier fell madly in love with it. The following year he asked her for her hand and married her celebrating what for many still remains the “marriage of marriages”, the first to be broadcast worldwide.

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His life is fairytale, full of successes and satisfactions, fame and love. Until that terrible September 14, 1982 when he was forced to put the word “End” in his story.

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