Murder of Pessano: two brothers aged 15 and 17 killed Simone Stucchi

Murder of Pessano: two brothers aged 15 and 17 killed Simone Stucchi
Murder of Pessano: two brothers aged 15 and 17 killed Simone Stucchi
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In seven to trial with the shortened rite, two face the ordinary judgment, one asked to settle, and for another nine the request for probation was accepted.

The first hearing

As told by the colleagues of, this is the outcome of the hearing held yesterday, Tuesday 13 September, against the 19 adult defendants accused in various ways of aggravated brawl and murder in relation to the death of Simone Stucchithe 22-year-old young man from Vimercate who died following the clash that took place on the evening of 29 September 2021 between two groups of young people in Pessano con Bornago.

Five minors

Five other defendants are currently being tried before the juvenile court. Three of these face the trial with the shortened procedure on January 13: among them there is also the minor (17 years old at the time of the fact), accused of stabbing the victim.

Returning instead to the adult defendants, according to what emerged from the courthouse of Milan (competent for the territory of Pessano where the brawl which cost the life of the young man from Vimercate took place), among the seven young people who asked for the abbreviated letter, four also respond to murder , like the two boys sent for ordinary trial. For the former, the trial is set in two months before the judge Fiammetta Modica, who will also decide on the plea agreement. For the other two, at the end of November, the hearing in Assizes will begin.

The probation for 9 defendants accepted

For nine defendants, the request for probation for two years was granted with a series of prescriptions. The measure of house arrest has been revoked against them, replaced with that of the obligation to stay.

Simone’s parents have filed a civil action

Simone Stucchi’s family members have filed a civil action, through the lawyer Attilio Villa. In June the precautionary measures were issued by the carabinieri, both in prison and under house arrest.

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A drug issue

The tragedy had come from a drug issue. A purchase of “100-150 grams” of “Dry”, a particular quality of hashish, which the 19-year-old from Vimercate Davide Colombi would have paid with fake money to three boys from Pessano: two minor brothers born in Melzo to North African parents, and a twenty-year-old pizza maker of Egyptian origins. The two factions had organized into two groups, with those of Pessano led, according to the accusations, by Youssef Mahmoud Elsayed.

The deadly ambush

In Pessano the “landlords” had ambushed the Vimercatesi, surprised by the throwing of stones and bottles. Impressive is the description of the death of Simone Stucchi, struck by the minor: “That boy, who looked like a tiger, hit him in the chest”.

After the first stab wound, the 22-year-old was no longer able to escape. Stucchi had collapsed on the asphalt and was hit again (“everyone was kicking him and one was on his knees”), only to die at the San Gerardo.

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