Voltri and the walk-trap: broken femur for a woman who fell on the unsafe axis

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Genoa. It was supposed to be a leisurely stroll to enjoy one of the last evenings of this summer season, but it turned into a real nightmare, complete with a rush to the hospital, hospitalization and prognosis of at least 30 days. This what happened to an elderly lady last Saturday, when she tripped on a crumbling axis of the Voltri promenade, falling tumbling to the ground e causing a painful fracture in the left femur.

The episode took place just before eight in the evening, when the promenade is still crowded with people: the lady is arm in arm with her husband when the latter he steps on a wooden plank no longer fixed, which suddenly rises, causing the woman to stumblewhich ends up on the ground with no chance of escape.

The fall is violent and the pain is immediate: the 118 ambulance arrives on the spot and after stabilizing the woman, they transport her to the emergency room of the Evangelico di Voltri where she will be diagnosed with the fracture. Before being transported to the hospital, one of the couple’s children also arrives and documents the situation, and the incredible state the walk is in: the paradox, as you can see from the photos, is that the couple passed right next to a barrier placed on other unsafe boards, transforming the obligatory passage into a real trap.

“In the next days we have collected all the material to make a complaint – explains the other son who promptly contacted our editorial staff to tell what happened – Personally I went back to the scene of the accident to look for other witnesses, and while I was there I met several people who told me of other similar episodes, with injuries and stumbles of all kinds. If it is a boy who falls, certainly no less serious, nothing happens, but if an elderly person falls, then there is trouble. This situation is unacceptable ”.

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Promenade of Voltri and the axes-trap

This is just the latest episode in the troubled history of the Voltri promenadeone of the most popular and discussed in the city: built in 2008, it is showing all the signs of time and, it should be emphasized, poor maintenance. In 2018 it was practically destroyed by the famous storm that hit the entire Ligurian coast, with the restoration work that lasted years amidst the protests of the citizens. Then the accident which, as they say, “sooner or later happens”. And that then came to an end.

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