Roof at the price of gas, Ursula von der Leyen: “We discuss”

Roof at the price of gas, Ursula von der Leyen: “We discuss”
Roof at the price of gas, Ursula von der Leyen: “We discuss”
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With Ukraine and energy at the center of Ursula von der Leyen’s State of the Union address, Euronews asked the Commission President whether it is possible to introduce a cap for the price of gas and when consumers can expect the benefits.

“We must never forget that Putin is using gas as a weapon and, therefore, we are in this energy crisis. As the European Union we have already done a lot and this has mitigated most of the effects. I mention, for example, joint storage. : now we are at 84%. This is a very positive figure and we have diversified our supply from Russia to reliable suppliers such as Norway or the United States. ”

“Now the step we are taking is to give the Member States the capacity to intervene financially to reach the target. We support vulnerable families and businesses. This is the next step that the Council and Parliament are taking. We are also discussing price caps. With Russia, a completely unreliable supply, the situation is clear, but with others like, for example, our Norwegian friends, it is good that we have started to negotiate and discuss how we can have a common approach. to permanently lower gas prices, because they define the electricity market a lot. And last but not least, the major reform of the electricity market is the next step to take “.

You think there will be a supportive response. And will solidarity materialize in a common response on the price ceiling?

“We have a huge experience European solidarity. We see, for example, that all Member States have decided to have common storage. We wanted stock to reach 80% in October. But we are further ahead because we all work together, we have said that solidarity is already 84% right now. This will help us have a safe winter. We see tremendous cooperation as the gas we get from reputable suppliers like the US or Norway gets to where it’s needed. And we all understood that we have worked together in this energy crisis because we are in solidarity. The more we have a stable situation within the European Union, the more each Member State benefits from it “.

In the tweet: “_We brought Europe’s inner strength to the surface._With unity, solidarity and determination“.

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Will it be done in time? Why a question arises: is there no risk of being late?

“Now on the table of the Council and Parliament is there proposal to give Member States financial intervention capacity, to governments, so that they can support vulnerable families and businesses. It is about 140 billion euros that will be invested in this regard“.

The article is in Italian

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