Blog: Referees-Juve quarrels: why what happened is serious!

Blog: Referees-Juve quarrels: why what happened is serious!
Blog: Referees-Juve quarrels: why what happened is serious!
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The question of the goal annulled at Juventus has been taking place for two days now. And it seems that indignation on the one hand and one’s presumption of innocence on the other, do not calm the controversy.

Let’s start with Juventus’ reasons.
The team is without two points and with three expelled following a decision to say the least embarrassing of the referee and the company at the VAR. And there is also a fine to the company! It cannot be accepted that those who make such obvious mistakes behave as if they were not guilty of anything, but that they hide behind the fact that this is sport, and one can also make mistakes.
I realize that it seems a correct reasoning, but there is a proverb that says: whoever makes a mistake pays, but the pieces are his. And here those who make mistakes not only do not pay, but do not even keep the pieces, which he should put back in place. And if a player, or a coach, or a manager makes a mistake, he is sanctioned. But if a referee fails, not only is he not sanctioned, but they promote him as well. Nobody comes to give exhaustive explanations, they hide behind their “caste”, and whoever wants justice, get by. It’s been decades since referees took over the football chain of command, which always remain a separate circle, unappealable, inscrutable and often, overbearing.
Meanwhile, I would like to know how they arbitrate, because you no longer understand anything. Sometimes he referees in the English way, that is, letting the male contact run, sometimes the concept is distorted and you return to whistle at the slightest contact. You see a penalty being given for a minimum foot contact in the area, and then you are seen not giving a penalty if one catches the opponent and pushes him away with both hands! Microscopic fouls are sought, and the constant simulations we see every game are not punished. A simulator is defined as someone who slips and perhaps is not guilty of having lost his balance, even stopping a goal action, which would be regular, because slipping is not an incorrect behavior. There are games that you can’t play, because the players always throw themselves on the ground and between masseurs and various time wasters, we arrive at the end in some way. Penalties given for slapping on the face, and then seeing punches flying into the area and no feedback from the referee.

But what bothers most is the theorem now in use in the arbitration attitude: if you blame Juventus, you are never wrong, not even if you are wrong!
Last year, AC Milan was stolen by an “alleged” handball by Udogie, who thus scored a much-contested goal. And here the referees apologized to Milan. But the mistake against Juventus is not presumed, but established. The offside is not there, and all the images in everyone’s possession, even Ryan Air, prove it, but that our proditory VAR does not possess. And since it has no images, it means that the fact cannot be judged. And here Candreva turns into Santa Claus, considering that, like him, he doesn’t exist! President Gravina plays down and says that the fact is not important, and therefore everything is fine. Is a moment not important because it concerns Juventus as a damaged party? Because if Juventus had benefited from it, that is, with reversed parts, there would have been no official positions and perhaps parliamentary questions?

There is a strong embarrassment, and all the explanations that the building gives us, instead of calming the minds, instead risks exasperating them even more. And the magic phrase is never said: “We were wrong, sorry”! And no, you can’t, at Juventus? To those who Calciopoli gave a year in Serie B and the revocation of two championships? May it never be!
And here too a similar thing had happened. All the wiretaps, it seems that they concerned only the “irregular” activities of Juventus. But after a sporting trial, also very hasty here, there was also a criminal one. And from the criminal trial the wiretapping was obtained that concerned, coincidentally, the “honest”, and were also of a certain gravity. But even here, since the sporting trial had already taken place, the prescription had now matured. So even here, after the party, the saint has been deceived! And yet here is the Santa Claus theorem, and in this case Inter does not exist! And since then everyone who wants to mock Juventus has defined the Juventus team as a den of thieves, and therefore if they are thieves, they must be robbed themselves.

I would like to say that those who steal from the thief are two things: either he is more a thief than him, or he is just the real thief, who hides his impunity behind a fraudulent excuse. And if Juventus have won nine consecutive league titles, he did not win them by stealing, but by demonstrating to the world of football how one gets up from the disasters and misfortunes that go through corporate events that have caused damages of millions of euros, without anyone caring or taking part in the right admission of fault. No, everything is prescribed, like when you go to vote, you often forget who has governed badly, but you vote for it because it says so many things that sound good to us, but that do not serve the true cause of the citizens! Or you vote them because they are against the strong powers, or the corrupt, while they are often the corrupt and the friends of the strong powers!

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Returning to Juventus, it is sad to see that at every match, if a Juventus player enters decisively, all the opposing fans scream, and the “hit” player throws himself on the ground, and the referee falls into it and immediately takes out the card, even if it’s not even foul. But the temptation to make friends with the public is great. If they then beat their players, then cheers and “good” you are a real “hunk”. They are truly shameful scenes that I often observe, like that time in Genoa, Sampdoria Juventus, Sissoko of Juventus, enter twice to take the ball. The Sampdoria players make indecent simulations and the audience roars. The referee warned him twice and so Juventus remained in ten, drawing a game that if it had remained in eleven would have won easily.
Instead in Juventus, Atalanta, Freuler cripples Arthur, and afterwards he also goes to score. Referee and VAR absent. Arthur pays for the surgery with a six-month stop. And the examples could be dozens, all against Juventus.

But no one complains, because Juventus decides not to say anything, for sporting spirit, and the organized press, see for example Sky, sticks it as soon as it can. But here being gentlemen penalizes. Perhaps the square should be stirred up, unrest, as they do elsewhere. And I remember that a Scudetto was practically stolen from Juventus, because in Perugia you could not play in that pool, but for fear of unrest on the part of Lazio fans, the referee was forced to play the game anyway. That year, the Scudetto was practically stolen from Juventus, who had a nine-point advantage five days from the end, but questionable referee decisions caused them to lose three games and expel players for no good reason. And the Scudetto was handed over to Lazio. It should be remembered that in the match in Perugia, thirty seconds from the end, Pessotto, instead of playing to score the equalizer, threw the ball back out, to make it sporty to the other team that had put it out to allow a player to be rescued. they (probably faked). The same thing Milan did not do in a semi-final of the Italian Cup, actually obtaining a penalty at the last, which led them to the final. Atalanta were mocked, because at that moment they would have expected the ball to be returned, and so they were unprepared for that act of unsportsmanlike!
So, before defining the other thieves, let’s look around the house. And if your memory is lacking, go and consult archives and newspapers, and you will see some good ones. Everyone has cabinets with skeletons, even the “pure in heart”.
A greeting!

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