Cocktail with coffee: Espresso Martini and variations

Cocktail with coffee: Espresso Martini and variations
Cocktail with coffee: Espresso Martini and variations
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The combination of coffee and alcoholic liqueurs is a great classic: to say, there are not a few who, out of habit, drink the so-called correct coffee at the end of a meal, but that’s not all. There are also many more structured coffee-based drinks, be they cold or hot. What we would like to focus on today is the Espresso Martini Cocktail, a cocktail with coffee that meets vodka and many other spirits, given the amount of variations associated with it. The time has come to get to know them, together with the original recipe, to try and make at home.

Cocktail with coffee

Intense and decisive, tasty on many occasions, both summer and winter: these are cocktails with coffee. Several coffee cocktails are great classics: Irish Coffee, Black Russian and White Russian are certainly worth mentioning. And then, in the midst of the actual coffee cocktails, there is the Espresso Martini Cocktail: no, contrary to what you might think at first glance, it is not a Martini base, but owes its nut to the iconic Martini glass, in which it must be strictly served. What we will do today, therefore, will be to know his recipe and discover the countless variations of the Espresso cocktail. At the same time, we will also discover where to buy the liqueurs you need to make them easily even at home: well, the recommendation to drink little and very responsibly remains a must. That said, top the shakers!

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Kahlua Coffee Liqueur



Absolut Vodka Vanilla



Jamaican Rum Aged



Guinness Draft, Stout


Grappa di Barolo Millesimata 2008


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Coffee Liqueur “Mr. Black “


Tequila Blanco


The Fee

Absinthe ‘Absinthe Parisienne’


Cameronbridge – Tanqueray

Gin Old Tom Tanqueray


Gray Goose

Vodka Gray Goose

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