Is he the right person for you? Find out with our test

Is he the right person for you? Find out with our test
Is he the right person for you? Find out with our test
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If trying to describe love in words seems like an impossible mission, talk about the right person it is even more so. Because we often let ourselves be guided by the accelerated heartbeat, believing that rhythm is the only unit of measurement to be taken into consideration.

Yet life’s experiences have taught us that he can be a skilled deceiver. Especially when he convinces us to stay in everyone those places that no longer belong to us. On the other hand, with the right person everything is different, because it is she who has the burden and the honor of always making us feel in the right place, like at home. Or at least that’s how it should be.

If you are wondering if the one by your side is really the right person, try to find out with our test.

Is there the right person?

It is not a soul mate, and not even a half of the apple why not, we do not need any half to feel complete. The right person she is the one who accepts who we are, in our entirety. It is not someone who enjoys emphasizing our flaws just to feel like a better person, much less someone who pushes us to change with emotional blackmail.

The right person is the one who accepts us as we are, for how we have chosen to be there. What does it take like this, disheveled, crazy, melancholy or enthusiastic. She is not the one who sticks us for our mistakes but, on the contrary, leaves us wrong and fall, only to reach out a hand to see us get up.


Never clips the flight out of fear, the right person, on the contrary pushes us to fly far towards the still unexplored borders. Because then he knows that sooner or later we will return to fly together, at the same speed.

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The right person is the one who walks by our side, never a step forward, never a step back. It is the one that carves out the spaces of her, but that fills his moments of absence with a continuous presence. She is kind, thoughtful, and attentive. And she knows how to take everything and then give it back, and even a little more.

Here, if the right person really exists, we imagine him just like that. And if you are curious to know if the partner with whom you share your life is the right onethen, you just have to find out with our test.

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