The Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello, price and availability

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Two versions

Two versions are available: the “basic” one is the V100 Mandello, it is proposed in the Bianco Polare and Rosso Magma colors and costs 15,499 euros fc; the alternative is the V100 Mandello S which has more refined components, is characterized by the Green 2121 or Gray Avant-garde liveries and costs 17,999 euros fc
For Guzzi motorcycles it is a particularly significant model because it opens a new chapter in the history of the brand: it retains some essential choices such as the 90 ° transverse V architecture of its twin-cylinder engine and the final shaft drive, but introduces significant innovations. The most evident is the design that interprets some characteristic elements of the company’s style in a modern key, but there are also many technical innovations.
It is the first production motorcycle with adaptive aerodynamics, which changes according to speed, and it is also the first Moto Guzzi to feature a six-axis inertial platform, cornering ABS, semi-active suspension and quick shift. Really a big step forward for the Mandello company, and it is also the first to mount the new “compact block” engine: very modern and capable of providing decidedly brilliant performance thanks to a power of 115 HP and a vigorous torque of 105 Nm. 82% of which is already available 3500 rpm.

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