Don Benazzato (School Office): “The relationship is at the center, but the lack of teachers is worrying”

Don Benazzato (School Office): “The relationship is at the center, but the lack of teachers is worrying”
Don Benazzato (School Office): “The relationship is at the center, but the lack of teachers is worrying”
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In a year when there is less tension for the virus and for the contrast between yes vax and no vax (the compulsory vaccination of teachers has lapsed) the wish of the School and Teaching Office of the Catholic Religion of the Diocese of Vicenza is that we can build a school in dialogue, really putting at the center faces and relationships. «In this regard – explains the director Marco Benazzato – on 30 September, at the San Pietro cinema theater in corso Matteotti in Montecchio Maggiore (4.30 pm), we organized a meeting open to all teachers. Everyone, not just those of religion ». The guests are Michele Visentin, training consultant, professor of human sciences at the “Rolando” Institute in Piazzola sul Brenta and Dr. Nicoletta Morbioli, Supervisor of Studies in Vicenza “who cultivates a nice dialogue with us and who cares about the human quality of life at school ”underlines Don Benazzato. At 6.30 pm Mass at the beginning of the year is scheduled, presided over by Msgr. Pizziol. “The hope, therefore, is that of a simpler year – continues the director – less marked by Covid, which means a more immediate relationship between pupils, teachers and school staff”.

Don Benazzato, everything seems to tell us about a restart with a smile.

«The novelty is precisely being able to do school without anguish, hoping not to be proven wrong in a few months. The fact, then, that the vaccination obligation for teachers has ceased in some way also reassures that component of teachers who was against it and that with her absence had created many inconveniences. The need to find substitutes had put the school further into trouble. Clearly there is the great unknown of war and its consequences. In the spring I was expecting a huge arrival of Ukrainian children and young people, which in fact did not happen. Many are returning (for example the group hosted at Villa Savardo in Breganze by the Ursuline nuns ed) “

Don Marco Benazzato, director of the school and teaching office of the Catholic religion of the Diocese of Vicenza

Is there anything that worries you the most?

“I’m worried about the situation of the religious substitutes. Last year was complicated because in January there were the suspensions of the no vax teachers. Overnight I had to find 10-12 people we didn’t have. Also this year I believe we will go into suffering. For the many teachers on leave, maternity, sickness ».

For some time there has been talk of a competition dedicated to teachers of religion. Are there any news?

«By the end of this year two competitions should be released: an ordinary one reserved for teachers who have the title, another extraordinary reserved for those who have at least three years of seniority. Both cover 50% of vacancies and are expected to be forthcoming. However, we must not delude ourselves. Up to 70% of the available professorships can be entered, so there won’t be many places “

Months ago, the incorrect news circulated that pupils who choose the teaching of the Catholic religion are decreasing. Let’s be clear.

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“It is not true. The situation is almost stable. In Vicenza and its province, families who choose religion at school represent about 85% of the total. One wonders: “Of that 85%, how many families and young people can say they attend a parish regularly?”. Very few. But then it would be interesting to understand why they chose the Catholic religion anyway. The answer is that the lessons are interesting and that the teachers work well ».

Equal schools: apart from the now chronic economic difficulty, what is the situation like?

«There is the difficulty of recruiting teaching staff. The degree in Primary Education is the only qualification for teaching in kindergarten and primary school. The staff is nowhere to be found. The limited number policy at the university has meant that there are very few teachers available and those few as soon as they can, pass to the state school In Vicenza and its province the Fism (Italian Federation of equal nursery schools) and the Fidae (primary and secondary Catholic schools, one dozen in said) have understood that they must team up and present themselves for what they are: not elite schools, but open to all, in dialogue with the territory. The parish preschools in the various countries are the expression of the community, of a parish that thinks about the future of the little ones. It is not a foregone conclusion. In October, the IMF will turn 50 and it will be an important opportunity to talk about it in the right way. As for the shortage of doctors, the same goes for teachers ».

Last week the Provveditore Nicoletta Morbioli confided to us her concern about the increase, also in Vicenza, of requests to managers and mayors of homeschooling and “do-it-yourself schools”. Why do you think it is a growing phenomenon?

«We are experiencing a period of profound mistrust in the school institution. “It’s not for me”, “I want a school tailored to my child”; some families make these arguments. It is a discomfort similar to that towards the vaccine that starts from afar. We recall that for some time there has been a group of parents who did not want to vaccinate their children and who therefore created an ad hoc school. The teachers say that, over the years, they find it increasingly difficult to dialogue with their parents: “they are aggressive, they justify their children”. The point is that the school is based on an educational pact, the parents trust the school they have chosen for their children. This is no longer taken for granted. Here then are the claims, more or less justified. The idea is: “You are offering me a service, I am authorized to criticize it.” The school has a thousand defects, we know, but this demeans the teachers’ work and communicates to the child e boy that there is no synergy between school and family, that the climate has broken. Distrust generalized remains in class chats, homeschooling is born and concretely you leave the system ».

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