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Crime Cerrato, one of the accused had indicated the murderer

Crime Cerrato, one of the accused had indicated the murderer
Crime Cerrato, one of the accused had indicated the murderer
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By the editorial staff

It would have been one of the defendants in the trial for the murder of Maurizio Cerrato to reveal the name of the material perpetrator of the crime, who was also at the bar for the crime.

This is what emerges from the hearing held today in the Court of Appeal in Naples relating to the criminal proceedings instituted against the 4 defendants for that murder: the confessed and material executor Antonio Cirillo, the brothers Giorgio and Domenico Scaramella, and the father of Cirillo, Francesco, the only one under house arrest while the other three are in prison.

Cerrato was killed on April 19, 2021 with a knife at the height of a dispute over a parking space that the victim’s daughter allegedly occupied despite being “reserved” with chairs. The fact occurred in via IV Novembre, near a private parking lot.

According to the story of the then commander of the operational section of the Carabinieri of Torre Annunziata, Lieutenant Sebastiano Somma, it was Domenico Scaramella, a few days after the crime (April 23), who named Antonio Cirillo indicating him as the murderer. The latter will then confess to the military that he was the killer.

The officer of the Arma also specified, in the course of his statements, that Domenico Scaramella was initially heard as a person informed of the facts, only to be investigated as well.

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In addition, the carabiniere also highlighted that in reality the video surveillance system of the garage was active at the time of the crime – as will emerge from the investigations -, and recorded the moments in which the tragedy took place, with images of the related protagonists. Otherwise, the owners of the garage – two brothers accused in another side trial on charges of aiding and abetting – had claimed the opposite. Basically those frame they would be deleted on purpose. Not all, however, because the investigators were able to extract some significant ones for the purposes of the investigation.

The next hearing of the trial was set for 21 October.

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