Murder Mirko Farci. No shortened rite for Masih Shahid

Murder Mirko Farci. No shortened rite for Masih Shahid
Murder Mirko Farci. No shortened rite for Masih Shahid
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The trial opened today before the Assize Court of Cagliari for Masih Shahid, the 30-year-old who had tried with 17 stab wounds to kill his former partner, Paola Piras, 52, and killed her son, Mirko Farci, aged 19. , who had tried strenuously to defend it from the man’s attack on 11 May 2021 in their home in Tortolì

The woman, who had been in a coma for months following the 17 stab wounds inflicted by Shahid, was not present in the courtroom, but the accused was there. The court presided over by Judge Giovanni Massidda rejected the issues of constitutional illegitimacy and the request for an abbreviated procedure conditional on a psychiatric report made by the defendant’s defender, Federico Delitala.

The same requests had already been rejected by the gup of Lanusei in a preliminary hearing. Paola Piras and the young victim’s family members filed a civil action with the lawyers Marcello Caddori and Paolo Pilia. Since a crime punished with the maximum penalty of life imprisonment is contested, the law obliges the hearing in Assizes. Upcoming hearings on 5 October and 9 November. The defender made it known that he intends to call his psychiatric consultant to the court as a witness: the goal is to demonstrate the fragility and mental imbalances that the accused has suffered for some time. According to the lawyer, Paola Piras herself reported to the investigators that the man suffered from “manic and suicidal delusions” and that on her initiative he would have entrusted himself to a mental health center. In a parallel trial held in Lanusei with an abbreviated rite, Shahid has already been sentenced by the GUP on 7 June to 3 years for stalking and mistreating his then partner. According to the sentence, the man would have isolated her woman by forcing her to give up her life, insulting her and threatening her with death.

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