Femicide, Giulia Galiotto’s mother speaks: the court allowed defamation of my daughter, it is institutional violence

Femicide, Giulia Galiotto’s mother speaks: the court allowed defamation of my daughter, it is institutional violence
Femicide, Giulia Galiotto’s mother speaks: the court allowed defamation of my daughter, it is institutional violence
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Rome – Thirteen years have passed since Giulia Galiotto, 30, was killed by her husband, who gave her an appointment in the house of the in-laws and in the garage, after yet another dispute, smashed her head with a stone and then staged her suicide. A femicide for which, however, the judges did not recognize premeditation, but rather “an emotional imbalance”, as told, interviewed by Dire, Giovanna Ferrari, mother of Giulia. Now the killer of Giulia Galiotto has gotten to serve her last three years in a semi-liberty regime. A measure deemed “excessive” by Giovanna Ferrari, who reopens the wound of the 2013 sentence and without delay presents it as yet another proof of institutional violence.

At the time, “we had no doubts that premeditation would be recognized,” said Ferrari, “and the fact that more value was given to the word of a murderer, which obviously gave his version functional to obtaining the minimum sentence, to us it seemed not only a ferocious injustice but also a lack of respect for the victim. Because everything was allowed with the devaluation and defamation of Giulia’s image ”.
In court, in fact, the man tried to paint an image of Giulia Galiotto that for her mother does not correspond to reality, claiming that she was constantly betraying him and being unfaithful to him. When, in reality, “he was the one who had a mistress and wanted to get rid of his wife”, Ferrari specifies.

Can we therefore say that in some way the sentence accepted the idea that the emotional decompensation was caused by the victim’s provocations?

“Certainly- is Ferrari’s answer- Even from the continuous disappointments that my daughter would have inflicted on her husband because she was portrayed as a person who could not stay in her place. In the Court – she adds – we discovered what patriarchy is “.
The version of the murderer was at the time corroborated by a psychiatric report which, while excluding the episodic discontrol and the mental defect evoked by the defense and while noting the narcissistic personality of this man, “at the end it concludes with a sort of defensive harangue truly scandalous, spewing out infamy and almost justifying the murder of this woman. This – said Giuliana Ferrari – was even worse for us than finding ourselves with a daughter killed by her husband ”.

According to Giulia’s mother, at the time of the trial her daughter was told only through the eyes of her executioner: “He was allowed to tell in a totally defensive way who Giulia was, in an instrumental way for her defense”. Thirteen years later, Giovanna Ferrari recognized in this “institutional violence, revittimization”, which even now “has not disappeared, so much so that the Commission of Inquiry into Femicide found it to be a common evil. Violence is hardly recognized in the courts, it is preferred to blame the victim ”.

Now the killer of Giulia, who will serve the next three years in a semi-liberty regime, has offered the victim’s family members a criminal mediation: aware of the compensation that would be required against them, he has offered them 50 euros per month which, if refused. , will pay to an association against male violence against women. “A mockery”, according to Giovanna Ferrari, who stigmatizes “this institution of facilitating the reintegration of the condemned into society, which however makes the victims responsible for the success of the trial period. It seems cruel to me ”. To this is added the concern for one’s own safety: “I am calm, I am not afraid – said Ferrari – but we have already sinned with naivety once”.


What Giovanna Ferrari, now a member of the Udi (Union of Women in Italy) of Modena will continue to do, is “to make my testimony available”. But not to give way to a “pornography of pain that does not solve the problem” and that sometimes leads to “what are the ‘instructions for use’ for women, so that they do not fall victim to violence. I don’t like. I want to point the finger at what I have experienced and it is institutional violence ”, she concluded.

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