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the murderer betrayed by Scaramella – Metropolisweb
the murderer betrayed by Scaramella – Metropolisweb
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Torre Annunziata. She was one of the four people accused in the trial for the murder of Maurizio Cerrato, killed with a stab at the height of a dispute over a parking lot, the first to reveal, four days after the tragic event, the name of the murderer to the carabinieri.

The circumstance emerged today, during the hearing of the trial on the death of the 61-year-old vigilante at the excavations of Pompeii, killed in Torre Annunziata on the evening of April 19, 2021, in progress before the Court of Assizes of Naples.

This was reported by the then commander of the operational section of the Carabinieri of Torre Annunziata, Lieutenant Sebastiano Somma, who was warned that evening and intervened despite not being on duty.

The officer reported that on 23 April 2021, Domenico Scaramella (present in the courtroom) was accused to indicate Antonio Cirillo (who after the investigations by the military will provide his confession) as the material perpetrator of the assassination of Cerrato. together with his brother Giorgio (connected by video conference from the prison of Catanzaro) and with Francesco and Antonio Cirillo, father and son, the first under house arrest and present in the courtroom, the second absent.

Domenico Scaramella, the officer specified, was heard as a person informed of the facts that day.

Not only. The carabiniere also revealed that it was thanks to an environmental interception that the carabinieri of Torre Annunziata manage to discover that the video surveillance system of the garage was working and had recorded what happened that tragic evening in which Cerrato was fatally wounded.

Images that made it possible to identify the people involved and that had been deliberately deleted from the on-site memories and from the cloud to which he was connected through the mobile phone of one of the garage owners.

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The carabinieri will subsequently retrieve several frames of particular importance from that mobile phone, after having understood that – unlike what had been declared to them previously – the system was working instead.

During the hearing, some of the messages “surviving” the cancellations that Antonio Cirillo and his partner exchanged via chat were also read: in one of these the confessed murderer of Cerrato asks his woman to go to the place of tragedy to let him know what was going on (“go over there and let me know”).

The next hearing was set for 21 October.

The article is in Italian

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