He is a good-natured, he has never bothered anyone

He is a good-natured, he has never bothered anyone
He is a good-natured, he has never bothered anyone
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News on the Hasib Omerovic case in Primavalle

Laura has lived and worked in Primavalle for years. She has known Hasib for a long time and is amazed at the accusations leveled against him. Above all because done through a social platform, which exposed him to danger. “Whoever wrote and published that post must be ashamed”.

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News on the Hasib Omerovic case in Primavalle

“He’s a good-natured man, he knows the whole neighborhood. When I heard what happened to him, I was so sorry. He’s been around the area for years, he’s a good boy, a talker. Everyone loves him.” Laura is a woman who works and lives in Primavalle district in Rome. He knows well Hasib Omerovicthe young man who fell out of the window under unclear circumstances during a police check on his home on 25 July.

And she is amazed by the accusations made against the boy via social media: “I wasn’t with him all day so I can’t say for sure that he didn’t bother some girl. What I know is that he never caused any problems to me, not even to my daughter. who is twenty. I don’t know a single person who has had a disagreement with him in all these years. “

To try to make yourself understood Hasib yells. And perhaps this, according to Laura, may have scared someone. Even if she doesn’t put her hand in the fire. “Well, since he is deaf he has a very loud voice, and to make himself understood he screams a lot, it makes a mess. Maybe someone got scared, but so far I have never heard of any girl who has been molested by him”.

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At the base of the police check at Hasib’s home there could be a Facebook post of a woman who published the photo of the 36-year-old accusing him of being a harasser. “Who wrote that post should be ashamed, as well as the administrator of the Primavalle group who published it. But how is it possible that the photo of a boy with slanderous accusations and without a shred of evidence is spreading? asking if there was any evidence, any complaint. Nobody answered and after a while the post was deleted. But the damage was already done “.

Laura tells us that someone, reading that post, recognized Hasib and decided to take justice on his own. “I know that there was someone who was agreeing to go and beat him – he continues – The poor fellow has already been unlucky in his life, he has been through a lot. Sometimes some guys in the neighborhood threw stones at him, hurting him, just to make fun of him. Then that post, and now he’s in a coma in the hospital. He doesn’t deserve it. “

Laura tells us about a boy perhaps with different problems, but popular with the neighborhood. “As soon as he passed, everyone gave him something. Some of them a little pizza, some a fruit. He in return always pulled something out of the cart, some pine cones, some sweets”.

Then, all of a sudden, nothing more was heard of Hasib. “Suddenly he disappeared. My son was told that he had fallen off the balcony. The rumor was that he was frightened by the presence of these policemen in the house and threw himself out the window. He could not hear what they were saying to him. , who knows what he thought was going on. Then we found out that the agents didn’t even have a warrant. Why did they break into that house? “

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