Antonio Ferrante (PD) on fire prevention: “More controls and more Canadair”

Antonio Ferrante (PD) on fire prevention: “More controls and more Canadair”
Antonio Ferrante (PD) on fire prevention: “More controls and more Canadair”
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AND’ the time has come to reform the entire system of fire prevention and management in our country. It is no longer tolerable that during every summer season, hectares and hectares of forest go up in flames, progressively destroying the landscape and environmental heritage of our splendid land. More technology, more controls and new personnel are needed to face and stop the nefarious work of the arsonists. In addition, a new legislative system will need to be developed that will review the distribution of Canadair on a regional level, this time on the basis of the number of wooded hectares present in the area and to be safeguarded. And that’s one of the very first things I’ll do once in Parliament“.

He has clear ideas on the subject Antonio Ferrante, candidate for the Uninominal in the House for the Marsala college.

“I have been able to touch firsthand in recent weeks, first in Pantelleria and then Buseto Palizzolo, – keep on Ferrante – what environmental disaster the August fires caused in what were once green lungs at the service of nature and the community. Tens and hundreds of plants have been destroyed as well as the extermination of the thousands of animals that populate our woods. In their place only ash and desolation. It will take years of work and waiting, as well as unlimited economic resources, to try to rebuild a natural habitat that today appears hopelessly compromised. So, let’s turn the tide: let’s invest in prevention rather than trying to remedy environmental disasters ”.

And he concludes Antonio Ferrante: “I am aware that increasing the Canadair fleet (unique and unparalleled tools in the fight against fires) available in the areas that need them most, means an important economic commitment for the State, but so is the restoration of the destroyed woods from the flames. We invest our resources in a concrete and conscious way, we can no longer afford to destroy our natural heritage “.

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