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Giuroiu murder: fourth hearing in which the brothers Angelo and Salvatore Travali are in the dock

The trial of the murder of the Romanian has resumed at the Latina Court Nicolas Adrian Giuroiu took place on the afternoon of March 8, 2014 in via Macchiagrande, in Borgo Sabotino, for which they were convicted with a final judgment Mirko And Manuel Ranieri And Ionut Ginca.

To sit on the dock in the ongoing proceedings Angel And Salvatore Travali who have to answer of murder with the aggravating circumstance for mafia. As is known, the process is a branch of the more comprehensive one resulting from the survey called “Reset” whose next hearing was set for June 30th and which disputes the mafia association with the so-called Travali clan.

In the hearing that took place on June 27, Corrado Fasanelli, the prosecutor, represented in the courtroom by the Prosecutor of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Rome, was shown the video of the chase, dated March 8, 2014 (day of the murder of the Romanian), immortalized by the video surveillance cameras positioned on Strada Alta in Borgo Sabotino that filmed the various phases: a Dacia Sandero, occupied by Ranieri and Ginca, chasing the car – a Toyota – driven by the neighbor to the killing, I swearand also occupied by one of the two Romanian girls, Ginca’s girlfriend at the time, initiated into prostitution by the victim.

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The motive for the murder, in fact, as established by the final sentence, is that Giuroriu was killed because he exploited two Romanian girls, making them prostitutes, linked one to Ginca and the other to one of the two Ranieri brothers, Manuel. For this reason, the Romanian was killed and the Travali brothers, according to the DDA, helped the three convicted of strengthen their intimidating force on the territory. Moreover, according to the investigative bodies, the Ranieri were affiliated with the Travali clan, so much so that Manuel Ranieri is a defendant in the upcoming Reset trial.

It is in that video that, after the two chased / killed and pursuers / killers cars, the Smart by Angelo Travali who, according to the accusation, was together with his brother Salvatore.

To support the accusation represented by the Prosecutor Fasanelli, today, 13 September, before the Court of Assizes presided over by the Judge of the Court of Latina Gian Luca Soana, the first collaborator of justice in the judicial history of Latina city was heard: Renato Pugliesethe son of the Roma boss Costantino “Cha Cha” Di Silvio.

Not a few skirmishes between accusation and defense before Pugliese was heard. The Prosecutor pointed out that he had made available the report made to the investigators of 8 March 2017 concerning the contents of Pugliese’s collaboration and the report of 21 December 2016, i.e. the one in which the former member of the Travali and Di clans Silvio (shore Armando “Lallà” Di Silvio) showed the first signs of a willingness to collaborate with the state.

It is in the 2017 minutes that Pugliese he mentions the Ranieri brothers and refers to the Giuroiu murder: facts which he then talks about in the minutes of 30 January 2020, which constitutes a milestone for the Reset investigation from which the trial on the murder of the young Romanian was born.

Skirmishes between accusation and defense, it was said, which arise from the defense’s request to transcribe the entire minutes of January 2020 to which the Prosecutor Fasanelli opposed since there are many omissions referable to ongoing proceedings or in any case returned to parallel trials . In any case, the Court of Assizes, after an hour of debate between the parties, rejected the request for transcription giving reason for the accusation and thus initiating the prosecution of Renato Pugliese.

The collaborator of justice – already convicted of mafia association, extortion and under investigation for association with the Travali – retraced the his criminal history: from the first crimes with the eldest of the sons of “Lallà”, Giuseppe Pasquale Di Silvio, up to the criminal education in the battery of Massimiliano Moro to get to the drug business with the Travali clan. “

“I was selling drugs – said Pugliese – Later I was disappointed, I decided to collaborate and it was not easy. I made this choice to free myself also because they wanted to kill me. I believed in judges Spinelli, De Lazzaro, Zuin, in the lawyer who has been following me for years, and I am paying for my mistakes also because I am in prison“.

“From May 2013 until October 2015 I was with Travali. I know both Mirko and Manuel Ranieri, they worked for Angelo, especially Manuel. They sold drugs, I gave them cocaine, weed and smoke. Manuel Ranieri was at Angelo’s disposal in the drug sector. Manuel was an easy gun, could have been one who fired at point blank range. As far as I know about the Giuroiu murder, it happened because of a prostitute girl that Manuel fell in love with ”.

“Giuroiu asked for money to leave her alone and not let her be beaten again, that’s why he was killed. I learned on the street that Giuroiu was killed and I know that there was also another boy with the Ranieri, a Romanian (editor’s note: Ginca) ”.

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Pugliese claimed that it was Manuel Ranieri himself who made him known that he had problems with Giuroiu because he wanted 10 thousand euros to leave the Romanian girl he had fallen in love with so as not to make her prostitute anymore. To Pugliese, Ranieri owed money and asked the current “repentant” to postpone the payment precisely because at that moment he was dealing with Giuroiu who, in turn, was asking for money. “This is the sum, 10 thousand euros, requested by Giuroiu from Manuel Ranieri – said Pugliese – and her answer is that they sent her to the cemetery. I had only glimpsed that girl once, but I didn’t know anything about prostitution, nor had Manuel ever told me that she fell in love “.

“I also talked about the Giuroiu murder with Angelo Travali – said Pugliese, a video linked from the prison where he is imprisoned -. I didn’t want him to ever shoot himself, I was only interested in selling drugs and not having problems ”. But shooting meant having criminal status and this is according to the accusation that according to Pugliese was the goal of Angelo Travali: to gain accreditation in the world of the bad not only as a drug trafficker but also as a ruthless bloodthirsty.

“From Angelo – continued Pugliese – I learned of the murder”. Travali would have made himself strong of this violence because – this is the basic concept – whoever dared to touch him or one of his subordinates as were the Ranieri died.

Angelo has made weapons available to Ranieri and stirred them up to kill him. Do this that nobody says anything. Angelo was in favor of killing people. Your boss is present, this was Travali’s sense that reassured Manuel ”.

Angelo, continued Pugliese, “had one Smart white Brabus, we also found the bugs. On the scene of the Romanian’s murder she was present with the Smart, she did as a relay race ”.

Among the first to report the Giuroiu murder to Pugliese was Michele Petillo, a young pusher formerly employed by the Travali, subsequently ended up among those arrested in the maxi investigation into the Romolo Di Silvio clan called “Scarface“.

“Petillo – said Pugliese – I put him on the street and we also talked about the Giuroiu murder. Petillo told me that Giuroiu’s corpse was used as a shooting range by the Travali brothers and afterwards they threw it into a well (note: in Olmobello, Municipality of Cisterna). Things that were also done to Buonamano by my uncle Romolo and Patatone: they passed over him with the car after killing him. And also to Moro who was kicked in the belly after death“.

Puglise, questioned by Prosecutor Fasanelli and subsequently by the Travali lawyers – Vitelli, Irace and Montini – explained that he knew the Ranieri well, even his mother. He explained how the Rainiers had been helped by the Travali when they were in prison and how they were subjected to the Travali themselves. “Angelo only lacked the easy trigger but then he took on these things, having people like Manuel Ranieri who shot and Cristian Battello known as Schizzo at his disposal.“.

Counter-examined by the lawyer Vitelli who aimed, through a legitimate defensive strategy, at undermining the credibility of the collaborator of justice, Pugliese explained that the Giuroiu murder, as well as other violent facts – including the shots of Alessandro Zof, commissioned by Angelo Travali, against Luca Parlapiano or the gambication of the tobacconist Urbani – were in the public domain in the circles of the so-called street. “Angelo used to tell me: we threw it down. I went to his house and I was ready to leave the association because I didn’t want to have anything to do with shooting and murder ”.

In essence, Angelo Travali would have liked to affirm and let the group of Armando “Lallà” Di Silvio know, with whom the relations were very bad, that they could shoot and kill him and his group as well: a sort of redemption with respect to the fuitina affair ( between the half-brother of the Travali and one of the daughters of “Lallà” which took place in 2011), when the Travali were succumbed and forced to flee. Moreover, following the shots delivered by Lallà towards the house of the Travali’s grandmother, the latter’s mother, Maria Grazia Di Silvio, denounced the Roma head of Campo Boario. Hence the feud and the sense of revenge of Angelo Travali.

Before “dismissing” the parties, the Court of Assizes prepared a fine of 350 euros and a forced accompaniment for not having presented herself to the Court despite having been called since the last hearing where she was expected.

The Romanian girl will be heard on 11 October. The testimonies of Petillo are expected, at the request of the lawyer Montini, and the collaborator of justice Agostino Riccardo.

The article is in Italian


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