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Love at first sight beauty: the red carpet lipstick

Love at first sight beauty: the red carpet lipstick
Love at first sight beauty: the red carpet lipstick
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The best beauty looks on the red carpet of 79to Venice Biennale Venice International Film Festival had one detail in common: lipstick Lip Power by Giorgio Armani which has enhanced the lips of many stars. From the godmother Rocio Muñoz Morales to Cate Blanchettfrom Valentina Sampaio, Greta Ferro, Levante and Cristina Marinoto the models Alessandra Ambrosio and Elisa Sednaoui. All of them wore the new shades of lipstick that combines long-lasting and vibrant color, two fundamental characteristics for a red carpet make-up. Lip Power is also the protagonist of the latest beauty cover by Vanity Fair.

An object of desire, a symbol of independence and at the same time of inclusiveness with its new seven shades that match all skin tones. Thanks to Armani beauty technology, nude shades can be very bright. The beiges and browns were formulated without the use of black pigments, traditionally added to lipsticks to give depth. In their place, blue and red pigments have been added to obtain nude shades capable of enhancing the tone of the complexion. This formulation methodology without black pigments was applied
also to pink and coral shades to make them even more pure and radiant.

The Lip Power formula manages to make long-lasting wear and comfort coexist, a couple that does not often get along with lipsticks. The secret is contained in the combination of two oils, one with a satin finish that acts as a protective film, avoiding the unpleasant feeling of tension
on the lips, and a semi-volatile one that guarantees the hold of the pigments.

«The new bright shades of Lip Power perfectly complement the existing range. Lip Power is like a lip balm, therefore comfortable, but more covering. It adds color to your life! «, Said Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani International Make-up Artist.

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