Super Cup Serie B, shot of the Piombino Gulf: eliminated Florence

Super Cup Serie B, shot of the Piombino Gulf: eliminated Florence
Super Cup Serie B, shot of the Piombino Gulf: eliminated Florence
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First surprise of the season, Piombino who deservedly wins, a Florentine battleship, arrived with resounding results, is overwhelmed in the first quarter, comeback in the second and is regulated in the final quarter by the yellow and blue.

The match – First monstrous quarter of Piombino, Florence resists up to 7 equal, then with De Zardo sent in the footsteps of Laganà, which limits its effectiveness, a super-sized Venucci, with 13 points in the quarter and 26 of evaluation, Piccone and Tiberti surgical al shot and Azzaro who controls the scoreboards, with 5 rebounds and a block, the Gulf is rampant. He climbs up to plus 16 and closes on 30 to 18.

Gialloblu who defend strong run and shoot and Florence annihilated. Shaken by coach Gresta in the interval, the lily formation raises the defensive intensity and taking advantage of a Piombino, which coach Cagnazzo makes catch his breath, making massive use of the bench, with only the pickaxe of the starting five in the field, fully returns to the match.

After a balanced start with a couple of Bianchi’s baskets in the partial start of 18 to 5 and overtaking on 35 with 36 to 4 ‘from the end. With the return to the field of the owners, the game is rebalanced and after the partial immediately, we go to the long rest on 41 to 43 for the guests.

In the third quarter Piombino returns to command, with Pedroni alternating in directing with Venucci, Tiberti dominating under the planks and piercing the retina by three together with whites, 2 bombs each for an attack that returns to sparks, there will be 28 points in the partial.

However balanced fourth that ends on 5 Golfo 69 to 64 for a stop and shot by Pedroni and a bomb by Bianchi in transition. In the quarter final the defense of the yellow and blue is very intense and forces the Florentines to lose many and many errors, only 13 points will be scored. However, the final minutes were decisive, with Florence 6 ‘from the end being less than one at 74 to 73,

But a Piazzato by Venucci, a penetration by Piccone, a bomb from him and a basket from below by Tiberti on an assist from De Zardo, send the guests to minus 10.


In the last few minutes, Piombino easily controls and takes home a prestigious victory, with the Palatine Hill encouraging and thanking his favorites.

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Deserved applause, great performance, but woe to get your head up, there is still a lot of work to do and a fierce San Miniato as always that, beating Empoli, awaits Piombino in his lair on Wednesday for the 16th of the competition.

The report of Solbato Golfo Piombino-Basketball Florence

Solbat Golfo Piombino: Venucci 19, Piccone 17, De Zardo 5, Azzaro 3, Tiberti 17, Pedroni 2, Mazzantini 3, Bianchi 18, Tintori 0, Rossato ne

Florence basketball: not available

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