extinguished Zaporizhzhia, Russian retreat to Southern Ukraine

extinguished Zaporizhzhia, Russian retreat to Southern Ukraine
extinguished Zaporizhzhia, Russian retreat to Southern Ukraine
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The latest news coming on the war in Ukraine are positive for the first time in almost 7 months for the attacked and occupied country: the Russian retreat to southern Ukraine after the Kiev counter-offensive – permitted by the continual military and economic equipment of the West – finally took shape with vehemence. According to the Moscow version, the withdrawal in the last few hours from the areas of Kupiansk, Izyum and Balakliy it’s just a reorganization of the troops. The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky he announced that “2 thousand square kilometers of territory have been reconquered”.

On its 200th day since the start of the war, the international rift between Russia (and China) with the West is clear, with the alarms of a possible nuclear conflict that do not subside: a new alarm was launched yesterday by the IAEA in Zaporizhzhia, after the last reactor of the nuclear power plant was also shut down following the clashes a few kilometers away. «The blackout in Energodar» (the city that hosts the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, ed.) «Compromises the safety of operations. It is completely unacceptable, all this cannot continue, “the director general of the agency denounced. In the meantime, the Ukrainian troops are trying to recover other territories, always in the south of the country, as explained by the Southern operational command of the Kiev army: «Position battles are underway, with consequent advance of the troops and consolidation of the territories. The enemy prefers to fight with artillery, trying to avoid direct contact. The enemy suffers losses and retreats ».


It is a “bombshell” interview that Francesco Totti released to Aldo Cazzullo in the “Corriere della Sera” this morning: the latest news on his history with Noemi Bocchi and especially on the end of the marriage with Ilary Blasi they held the bench for months extolling the media “gossip” behind one of the most loved couples in Italy. Now it is the former n.10 of Roma who speaks in the first person, for the first time since the end of the marriage, now full-blown: “It wasn’t me who betrayed first,” says the former Giallorossi captain, claiming to have found the last autumn clear messages on Ilary’s cell phone showing his wife’s betrayal with a man he doesn’t want to name.

“We’ve had ups and downs, like any couple. Then something broke. The real crisis exploded between March and April last year. But I had been suffering for some time. It all started in 2016. My penultimate year as a footballer. Quitting isn’t easy. It’s a bit like dying. ‘ “We tried a little bit to save the marriage, but not completely. Nobody wanted to try anything more. Let’s say it wasn’t a great attempt ». With Noemi Bocchi the story is not only true but has continued since March 2022, while the affection for the Roma fans remains intact after this sudden change in his personal life. Serie A since I was sixteen. And some things you miss. The adrenaline, the fatigue. I also said it, in my farewell speech at the stadium: “I’m afraid, stay close to me”. And the Romanists have never left me alone », Francesco Totti told the“ Corriere ”again.


A Sunday full of sport and – hopefully – of satisfaction after a crazy Saturday: the latest news from the sports world tells us about a Serie A increasingly dominated by Milan and Naples who will face each other next Sunday in the big Scudetto match without their number 1 on the pitch. Rafa Leao for a naive expulsion remedied in the advance against Sampdoria (sum of yellow card with overhead kick considered dangerous game) while Victor Osimhen for the injury suffered against Liverpool in the Champions League. The fact is that in the meantime both won with difficulty in the long Saturday of sport: the Rossoneri di Pioli overcame the former Giampaolo (expelled at the end of the convulsive match, ed) for 2-1 on the field of Marassi thanks to the sudden goal of Messiasthe draw of Djuricic and Olivier’s winning goal Giroud on a perfect penalty kick.


Napoli dominates but fails to score against Spezia until an invention by Lozano catches Jack Raspadori in the center of the area for the winning goal in the 90th minute: on Saturday afternoon Inter also returned to win after 3 consecutive knockouts but did it anyway suffering madly against the Turin of the sick Juric. Victory goal of Brozovic also here at the end of the match after Handanovic had saved the result with at least 4 prodigious interventions. Away from football, the blue colors make themselves felt: in Formula the 2022 Italian GP in Monza sees an amazing start from pole position Charles Leclercwith Ferrari also having placed third Carlos Sainz were it not for the penalties that will make the Spaniard start from 18th position, while for Verstappen – second in qualifying – will start seventh. Finally i Volleyball World Cup with Fefè De Giorgi’s triumph in the semifinals of Italy: 3-0 dry against the very strong Slovenia and final guaranteed against Poland, tonight at 21. The gold hopes are finally very concrete after so many years of absence for men’s volleyball.

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