who is Alessia Soldani, the link between Ilary and her lover

who is Alessia Soldani, the link between Ilary and her lover
who is Alessia Soldani, the link between Ilary and her lover
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Francesco Totti talked and talked a lot. Since July, the month of the communication of the separation, he had not left any comments, no signs, he was perhaps waiting for the right moment or simply waiting to accumulate enough information and anger to then tell him about him and so he did.

In the interview with Corriere Totti he also mentioned names and surnames, not of the alleged lover of his wife, but of those who would have acted as traimiter between Ilary and his lover: her hairdresser and friend Alessia Soldani. Soldani was identified by Totti as the figure who organized the meetings so that there was no direct evidence on Ilary’s phone.

Who is Alessia Soldani

Soldani is a hairstylist, one of the best known among the VIPs, in fact she uses Michelle Hunziker, Sabrina Ferilli, Elena D’Amario, as shown on her Instagram profile, followed by over 65 thousand followers. According to what was reconstructed by Totti, Alessia would have played a central role in the betrayal of his wife. In the interview, the former footballer explains: “I looked at her cell phone and saw that there was a third person, who acted as an intermediary between Ilary and another. Alessia, Ilary’s hairdresser, her friend.”

About the man, the lover, there is no precise information only that he is very distant from him and for this reason Francesco would also have been surprised to discover that his wife was interested in him. This particular could suggest that the man in question could really be Cristiano Iovino influencer who had a flirtation with Giulia De Lellis.

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