The fishing stoppage ends, in Ancona we return to the sea. “Stellar costs: prices will rise”

The fishing stoppage ends, in Ancona we return to the sea. “Stellar costs: prices will rise”
The fishing stoppage ends, in Ancona we return to the sea. “Stellar costs: prices will rise”
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ANCONA – Fishing boats at sea from this night. The Ancona fleet reopens the season after the biological shutdown, but the questions immediately put the whole sector into great concern. First of all, the rise in the prices of prices of the equipment needed to tackle the fishing trips will inevitably affect the price of the fish to the final consumer. And then there remains the problem of the cost of fuel, which has skyrocketed again.

The obstacles

In practice, the shipowners are forced to face a new season characterized by obstacles and uncertainties: the price of nets and cables has increased by up to 50%, the polystyrene boxes are at 1 euro each (before they were about 50 cents) . And the fishing boats consume an exorbitant amount of it. “To date I spend about 1,500 euros a month on polystyrene boxes – says Apollinare Lazzari, president of the Fishing Producers Association – before around 7-800 euros”. And in the face of all this, usually the first weeks after the catch is stopped, the price of fish tends to drop significantly according to the normal rules of the market: the quantity increases, the price decreases. For example: “If in May we sold shrimps at 35 euros per kilo – explains Lazzari – now they will drop to around 5 euros”. And so are all other types of fish, based on their respective pre-stop fishing prices. “This is because we will go from the 2,500 crates of fish handled by our fishing boats at the beginning of the summer to 5-6 thousand on Tuesday” continues the president of the Fishing Producers Association. So fresh fish will return to restaurant tables, but at what price? Certainly not advantageous for fishermen compared to the exorbitant costs they have to bear. Probably the profit this time will be precisely of the restaurateurs who will buy the raw material at a good price without however lowering the list of dishes on the menu.

Price increases in sight

But this only happens in this initial phase for reasons related to the rules of the market. “Then we will certainly have to align according to the costs we are undergoing and which will grow further” Lazzari specifies. Translated: within a couple of months the price of fish to the consumer could undergo further increases, it is estimated up to 20%, “even if it is difficult to say how much” Lazzari emphasizes. But this is undoubtedly the trend. The clam market, on the other hand, is more linear. The Doric bivalve mollusc fishing boats will return to rake the seabed from next September 19th.
“But at the moment I don’t think there will be any increases – specifies Domenico Lepretti, president of the Vongolari Cooperative – because 80% of our product goes to large-scale distribution and as long as there is sufficient quantity at sea to satisfy the needs of the supply chain, there will be big jolts ».

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