Totti-Blasi, the former captain tells his truth about the end of the love story

Totti-Blasi, the former captain tells his truth about the end of the love story
Totti-Blasi, the former captain tells his truth about the end of the love story
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And now the rags fly. After many allegations, photos, gossip, whispers and shouts that have been the contour in recent months to the separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, now the former captain has decided to spill the beans and tell the truth about him. Probably the move was dictated by the idea of ​​anticipating Ilary who could do the same thing to Verissimo from his friend Silvia Toffanin. The fact is that Totti vented to Aldo Cazzullo of Corriere della Sera.

Too many lies have been told for Totti

Totti attacks by saying: «I’ve read too many nonsense, too many hoaxes. Some have even made my children suffer. Thats enough. What nonsense? Many, in particular one: that the culprit of the breakup would be only me. That the marriage would end because of mine betrayal. I want to clarify this point: I was not the first to betray. Then I’ll be silent again. Whatever will be replied to me, I will shut up. Because my priority is to protect my children ».

Totti confesses that he has proof of Ilary’s betrayal

«It all started in 2016. My penultimate year as a footballer. Quitting isn’t easy. It’s a bit like dying. In September of last year the rumors began to arrive: look that Noemi is the opposite of Ilary, also in terms of character. By now everyone knows about our history, I try to live it with discretion so as not to upset the boys Ilary has another. Indeed, more than one. It seemed impossible. Instead I found the messages ».

“I’ve never done that in twenty years of spying on mobile phone, nor had she ever done it with me. But when I got warnings from different people, whom I trust, I got suspicious. I looked at her cell phone. And I saw that there was a third person, who acted as an intermediary between Ilary and another. I noticed it in the fall, but the messages were from before. Who was the third person? Alessia, the hairdresser of Ilary, her friend. The other? Don’t let me tell you the name. He is a totally different person from me, who belongs to a world very far from mine, and fortunately. It was a shock. Not only that Ilary had someone else; but that she might be interested in such a man. Yet he had it ».

Totti claims that Ilary took all of his watches

“She went with her father to empty the safety deposit boxes, and took away my watch collection. She didn’t even leave the guarantees, not even the boxes. The watches? There are some very valuable Rolexes. He claims I gave them to him; but if they are men’s watches … I refuse to think it is a question of money. If anything, it’s a spite ».


“He had me followed by a investigator private. People very close to her put bedbugs in my car, and the GPS to know where I was going; when it was enough for him to ask me. Other people have stationed themselves under Noemi’s house … “

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Now expect the replicawhich will certainly not be missing, by Ilary Blasi to continue a really unpleasant catchphrase.

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