Two 28-year-old girls died in a road accident in Irpinia, other 2 injured: the car against a wall

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The 4 girls are all from Cervinara, in the province of Avellino. The firefighters extracted the bodies of the two young women from the sheets of the car. Hospitalize the two wounds.

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Two girls died in a violent one car accident in the night in Irpinia, two more wounds. The car crashed into a wall in via San Cosma, in Cervinara, in the province of Avellino. The dynamics of the accident, which occurred around 4.00 am, still need to be clarified. The firefighters of Avellino and Benevento arrived on the spot who gave first aid and extracted the girls from the sheets of the car that was crumpled following the impact, the 118 ambulance and the police who have the findings of the case have begun and are investigating the matter.

On board the car, according to the first reconstructions, there were 4 girls of the same age, 28 years old from Cervinara. At some point, for reasons still to be clarified, the car lost control and ended up against a fence that bordered the road. Unfortunately, two girls lost their lives in the violent impact, while the other two were extracted in collaboration with the 118 health workers. One of the young women was transported to the Moscati hospital in Avellino and the other at the hospital San Pio of Benevento. After the findings of the coroner, the two bodies were recovered. The fire brigade team from the detachment of Bonea of ​​the Command of Benevento and one of the Fire Brigade of Avellino. The vehicle involved in the accident has been secured.

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