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comics, knives, irons –
comics, knives, irons –
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from Fabrizio Caccia

Sgarbi becomes a superhero, Baldini a target. Videos, graphics and tweets to amaze voters

Please take a seat, maybe this is it the craziest campaign ever, there are now 14 days left to vote, but they are enough and they advance for who knows how many new exploits. Unleashed candidates, for the first time in the history of the Republic we shoot in the middle of summer and maybe someone is having an effect on the heat.

Watchwords: amaze, exaggerate, hit in every way those 8 out of 10 Italians who use a social network every day and on 25 September they will go to vote. So off to the flood: ironic tweets, you find embarrassingunlikely graphics and DIY multimedia content.

So, here is Vittorio Sgarbi – well-known deputy and art critic – who suddenly becomes comics: Sgarbiman. And he the center-right superhero who straightens the two Towers of Bologna amid the cries of admiration of the crowd (his constituents?) and flying down the bust of the rival Pd Pier Ferdinando Casini. Sgarbiman with his cloak that looks so much Batman, but on his chest he has a goat – Ça va sans dire – instead of the bat.

And then there is the blue senator Massimo Mallegni, candidate in Tuscany, who shoots a commercial between a woman ironing and the other passing the elf. Promises, if re-elected, salary and pension for all housewives (“Isn’t taking care of the family seven days a week a job?”). But the result is catastrophic: endless controversyaccusations of sexism, who knows how many votes lost in a minute.

Call them electoral highlights. Take Maria Teresa Baldini, outgoing deputy and candidate with the Noi moderati list in the Lombardia 1 plurinominal college 02 (Sesto San Giovanni). In recent days she has posted a video on the net in which you can see her on the platform doing the human target for a bald, tattooed knife thrower: the man, who works in a circus in Milan, throws 8 in rapid succession, always aiming at a few centimeters from the body of the honorable, from the feet up to the head. Unharmed. And here is the superimposed text: «Vote the Hon. Maria Teresa Baldini, a brave woman“.

But how did you get this idea? «I thought of the many knives that go around in politics and beyond, at violence around, not just against women – explains the deputy Baldini -. And then it seemed like a right message to send: in life it takes courage“.

He was scared? «Well a little bit yes, anyway I was still, immobile, all the time of the launches. I know that a week later the pitcher missed his aim and injured his partner“. Comments? “Someone complained that the images were too strong. My leader, Luigi Brugnaroinstead he wrote me: “Too cool!” ».

Domenico Scilipoti Isgrò (who does not remember him?) Is also a candidate for the Chamber in the proportional list with Noi moderati, but in Sicily, in the college that includes Trapani, Agrigento and Caltanissetta. And in his town, Terme Vigliatore (Messina), actually right inside his house, ten days ago inaugurated “the Pilgrim’s Refuge, an oasis of prayer and meditation”. Will he ask those who enter to vote?

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Another addict with comics is the lawyer Antonio Ingroia, the former magistrate, leader of Civil Action, who this year invented the candidacy for the Senate (in Latina) of his illustrious assistant Gina Lollobrigida, 95 years old. But who in 2013 with the Orange Movement already stormed the web with «Thor who wants to hammer the mafia and corruption» or the «Grumpy dwarf who doesn’t want to work until he is 70».

Many follies of our local politics stand out, turning on the internet: candidatesreally or Crazy Ass Moments in Italian Politics are always updated addresses.

And in a world where everyone is chasing TikTok, Pippo Civati, leader of Possible, chose WhatsApp instead and opened a chatline, «Better call Pippo», in which he guarantees: «I’ll answer». A center-left electrician wrote to him yesterday: “I think I convinced my mother-in-law to vote.” And he, paraphrasing: “If she is not a daughter-in-law, when?”.

And yesterday it was as well the birthday of the Northern League player Claudio Durigon, the former undersecretary for the economy forced to resign due to the slip in August 2021 on the former Mussolini park in Latina. He turned 51 and the militants made him find the slogan
by Salvini
“I believe it”

even on the cake. A photo immediately posted on Facebook.

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