Women at the Aniene? There are (still) those who say no

Women at the Aniene? There are (still) those who say no
Women at the Aniene? There are (still) those who say no
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Arretez la femme. At all costs. At the Circolo Canottieri Aniene, a club that everyone defines as “among the most exclusive in Rome”, someone took this word, exclusive, a little too literally. By deciding to exclude women. Or rather, to appeal against the resolution that, last April, took a historic decision (everyone has the story they deserve): to open enrollments to women in the conventicle whose honorary president is Giovanni Malagò, that is to say the premier of Italian sport. Maybe the Circolo Aniene is an “amateur sports association”, and therefore every day here you win and lose, but parity is not well regarded. Not that of gender, at least.

One says: in 2022? Yes, in 2022 it happens that one of the black boxes of the political and business power of Rome that Dagospia likes to call “godona” still forbids access to ladies even if it was Mount Athos. Reading the bylaws signed by a Roman notary in 2019 is like pointing the DeLorean of Back to the Future to the eighteenth century: in article 4 it is clearly explained that the effective members are “men who have reached the age of eighteen”. The only exception is for the athlete members, that is «the members of the sports federations, of both sexes, who practice sport with the colors of the club». And God forbid, given that among the “athletes” who brought glory and medals to the yellow and blue club is Federica Pellegrini, probably the most famous swimmer in history, not only in Italy.

In short, a relic of a past that the board of the Acqua Acetosa club decided at least a century late to remedy with the resolution of last April. Grumbles, requests for explanations, protests, even some excellent “resignations”. Patience. Months later, the news seemed to be digested at last. By everyone but not by an eighty-two-year-old architect, who was, moreover, suspended from the order for disciplinary reasons. The shareholder turned to a lawyer (a man, it must be said?) To draw up a twenty-page appeal “to immediately suspend the resolution if there are serious reasons”.

Now, there are good or bad ideas, but the worst are the ones you don’t have the courage to support. And this courage the undisciplined architect does not have. Because in the long recourse it is never clear that the feminization of the Aniene does not go down well with him. Clearly aware – he and his lawyer – that lashing out against the end of gender inequality on the Lungotevere is at least unpopular, the elderly (we can define him thus without fear of falling into the abyss of age disparity) climbs on the mirrors to invalidate the resolution of 2 April 2022: he appealed to the crowding of the room where the meeting was held, which would not have respected the Covid protocols, and then to the voting methods, which he said were confused and irregular. All not to say to women: no pasaràn. The judge, a woman, Daniela Gaetano, rejected the specious appeal, but the impression is that the matter is by no means over. We will see. Meanwhile, to the architect we dedicate an immortal joke by Groucho Marx, someone with a surname not so much like a Roman club: “I would never join a club that would accept me among his members.”

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