who is Gilda, artist from Caltagirone

who is Gilda, artist from Caltagirone
who is Gilda, artist from Caltagirone
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Now 79, she started being a seamstress when she was young. Soon, however, his skill in sewing was refined to the point of becoming a real art

Gilda Domenica a lonely woman with a thousand creative abilities Some will surely have heard of it but, for the uninitiated, a woman with unique and special gifts lives in Caltagirone.

Mention it, therefore, is more than necessary. It is about Guild Sunday, a 79-year-old artist who really has a lot of talent. We know that his house is located near the monumental staircase of Santa Maria del Monte.

We are also aware that at a young age she learned the craft of a seamstress, quickly becoming an expert in the sector. Soon, however, this expertise was refined to the point of becoming a real art.

This is demonstrated by the large amount of decorated clothes that can be seen in every corner of his home. Therefore, Gilda has made the needle the favorite tool for the maximum expression of her artistic flair.

Another interesting aspect that concerns her is the strong desire to photograph all clothing designed by herself. To fulfill this wish is a professional photographer from the country who apparently sets up a set especially for her.

For Gilda, in fact, there is no more exciting moment than seeing herself dressed up in her own clothes, the result of her admirable industriousness. Not surprisingly, you consider photography the only and valid tool to “eternalize” your performance.

It is such a personality ingenious to be able to shape any fabric that comes into his hands with simple sacks of potatoes, glasses, plates, cutlery and plastic bottles. It also sometimes makes use of beads, snail and mussel shells, buttons, cigarette packs, balls, shells, curtains, and even bottle caps.

What is more, it is intriguing to note how to each dress Gilda juxtaposes perfectly matched accessories: in particular hats, earrings, bracelets, shoes, gloves, necklaces and umbrellas. The colors are bright and varied; pink, green, yellow, white and blue are the colors she prefers the most.

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It almost seems that the primary intent is to generate a lively, cheerful and highly expressive effect. It is very curious to observe how the designer never repeats what she has already experienced but, on the contrary, she uses only once every “dress” she makes.

In fact, after having photographed it, he conserves it with extreme care or, as is often the case, embellishes it by embellishing it with further ornaments. The di lei, therefore, is a modus operandi that aims to model and remodel without a pre-established plan. It is as if the result of the work remained pending until the last finishing.

Simply put, each creation is incredibly spontaneous. It also affects his magical ability in the to recyclereuse and transform any kind of material.

The main objective, precisely, is precisely to design something new and with a completely regenerated appearance. Furthermore, all of his masterpieces are present in the collection of the MACC of Caltagirone together with an accurate photographic documentation.

They are the result of a meticulous and scrupulous workmanship that engages it night and day. Being a widow and, at the same time, mother of children who live far from their country of origin, she spends whole nights with the needle in her hand, perhaps an attempt to fill the void of loneliness.

As for relations with the outside world, Gilda prefers to take refuge in her small home and not forge bonds with anyone, making art the one and only reason for living.

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