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today is the day of the “Palio in linea dei donari” –

today is the day of the “Palio in linea dei donari” –
today is the day of the “Palio in linea dei donari” –
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ALLUMIERE – «Allumiere is ready to live another day in the name of tradition and passion for donkeys». This is how the president of the Pro Loco di Allumiere, Umberto Fracassa, said about the traditional appointment with the “Online donkey race” scheduled for this afternoon at 16.30 and promoted by the Pro Loco, by the delegate to the Palio Augusto Superchi, by the Landi junta and by the Agricultural University of Allumiere (chaired by Daniele Cimaroli). “This popular and popular event is the oldest donkey race in Allumiere and is part of the calendar of celebrations in honor of the Madonna delle Grazie, patron saint of the diocese – continues patron Fracassa – Not only the Contrade di Allumiere, but also individuals and private stables have entered donkeys and jockeys for this race that promises to be really exciting and spectacular. There are about thirty donkeys registered, confirming the great participation in this appointment ». In the village this race is felt by everyone as a sort of tailback of the Palio delle Contrade. The race formula is the classic one of two heats. The path (specially underground) will wind along via Roma and 2 donkeys at a time will leave with their jockeys from the cages that will be positioned in front of the gardens of via Turati. Even today, therefore, the noise most loved by the alumieraschi will resound: that of the “sgabbiata”. Movers of this competition: the legendary Renzo Corvi; judges will instead be appointed this morning. The route will have a double barrier for the safety of people and donkeys. Mayor Luigi Landi will lead the task force deployed for the safety and success of the event. The police, the volunteers of the Prociv di Allumiere (coordinated by Alfonso Superchi), the carabinieri, the various police forces will be operational. There will also be an ambulance with the doctor and the volunteers of the Allumiere and Tolfa section of the Red Cross (coordinated by Giulia Bonamici). «This is a traditional and beloved race and it is part of our roots – explains the delegate to the Palio, Augusto Superchi – We are working hard to create an excellent edition that can entertain the public. I thank all the participants and invite everyone to come to Allumiere to experience an afternoon of tradition, passion, celebration, sport and a sense of community ». The day will start at 10.30 with mass in the parish, during which will follow the “Blessing of the backpacks” and the pupils who are about to return to school. All pupils, teachers and all school staff are invited. At 12, however, there will be a solemn mass at the Sanctuary to honor the Madonna delle Grazie officiated by the parish priest Don Roberto and then in the afternoon the donkey race will start, opened by the Fanfare of the Carabinieri in foot formation. Today, therefore, the streets of the town will be invaded by the soft music of the Fanfare Concert of the 4th Regiment of the Carabinieri on horseback in form.
footed ion. Appointment at 3.30 pm at the War Memorial in piazza Turati. “Renewing traditions, for us, is a fixed goal”, explains the delegate for Culture, Francesca Scarin about the traditional donkey race. «The online race, in reality, was born as the Palio delle Contrade as it was run during the celebrations of the Madonna delle Grazie and only later will it conquer the heart of the square. It is very satisfying to renew such a deeply felt tradition in which the boys can prove their jockey skills in a completely different path from the “paliesco” one. The celebrations of the Madonna delle Grazie are the cornerstone of the Alumierasca life and it is our task to keep alive this festival that has accompanied our town for centuries. We, as administration, are very satisfied and happy with every single event that has brought the name of Allumiere beyond its borders and we aim to renew all the successes of this year in the coming years “. So the appointment with the Somari Race is this afternoon at 16.30. Then tonight the grand finale with the “Paliesca” evening in the courtyard of the Turati Primary School. As every year, the waiting and photographic exhibition will be held by the excellent phytographers of the “Click” association and the “video report” of the Palio delle Contrade made by the excellent duo of videomakers Luigi Sestili and Fabrizio Antonacci.


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