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Totti: “I wasn’t the first to betray, with Naomi together since New Year’s”

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The former Roma captain breaks the silence and in an interview with Corriere explains the break with Ilary

11 September 2022

“It wasn’t me who betrayed first. Then I’ll be silent again. Whatever will be replied to me, I will shut up. Because my priority is to protect my children ”. Thus in an exclusive interview with Corriere della Sera Francesco Totti breaks the silence and explains his break with Ilary Blasi. With Ilary explains Totti “we have had ups and downs, like every couple. Then something broke. The real crisis exploded between March and April last year. But I had been suffering for some time ”. Totti admits her mistakes and explains “When she breaks up, she breaks in two: 50 and 50. I should have been with her more, alone. Instead, on the weekend I organized with friends. Ilary was also there; but I should have taken her to dinner, devote more attention to her ”. However, he denies that he already has an affair with Noemi Bocchi even if he is reminded that Dagospia has published a photo in which on December 4, 2021 they are portrayed sitting not far away at the stadium. Totti says: “Noemi was not at the stadium with me. We arrived with different cars, we had different seats. Do you think I’m taking my lover to the Olimpico? A more intimate environment isn’t it? However, it is true that I already knew her. And I frequented her as a friend of hers, with her padel friends. Our story began after the New Year. And it consolidated in March 2022. I repeat: I was not the first to betray ”.

The former Roma captain then tells that it was Ilary who had a story: “In September of last year the rumors began to arrive: look that Ilary has another. Indeed, more than one. It seemed impossible to me. Instead I found the messages ”. And he adds: “I had never spied in twenty years, her phone nor she had ever spied with me. But when I got warnings from different people, whom I trust, I got suspicious. I looked at her cell phone. And I saw that there was a third person, who acted as an intermediary between Ilary and another ”, whose name Totti does not mention. “Don’t let me tell you the name. He is a totally different person from me, who belongs to a world very far from mine, and fortunately. It was a shock. Not only that Ilary had someone else; but that he might be interested in such a man. Yet he had it. ”” I kept it all inside. I haven’t told anyone, not even Vito Scala, the friend who has been by my side since I was eleven. I am not one who turns a blind eye, but I preferred to ignore it. I sent down, not to break the family, to protect the kids. I suffered like a dog. She said to me: this year I will stay a little longer in Milan, I am going back to Rome less, and I thought: I believe it, you have this other one… But I still hoped it wasn’t true ”.

On his story with Noemi Totti he says: “Before we used to hang out as friends. Then, after the New Year, it became a story. When on February 22nd Dagospia published the photo at the stadium, the one taken in December, Ilary asked me for an account ”.

On the break with Ilary he explains: “We tried a little to rebuild our marriage but not completely. Nobody wanted to try anything more. Let’s say it wasn’t a great attempt. I knew what she had done, even if I didn’t say anything so as not to damage her image of her, especially while she was doing the Island of the Famous. And she probably got bored. Because in reality the marriage was over ”.

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Now he admits he will “go for lawyers”. “I was looking for an agreement. I didn’t want to go to court. So I proposed: we think first of the children, we leave the house to them, and we take turns, we make three days for each one. I didn’t want to see the guys with the suitcase in their hand, between Eur and North Rome. But Ilary said no. So I proposed to divide the house, after all it is large. Or get one all for yourself. Nothing to do: only she wants to stay in the house, and that’s it. Then we didn’t speak anymore, because she left with her sister for Tanzania. A vacation paid for by me “. What happens now? “I do not know. I fear that with Ilary she will end up in court. I still hope that we can find an agreement and end this story here. For sure, now I am silent. I don’t know if it’s understood, but this afternoon it cost me six months to live. I would have preferred a thousand times to give you an interview to talk about football and Roma, which I always carry in my heart ”.

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